Winter 2024 courses promos

Are you still looking for courses for next semester?

Consider taking one or more of the fascinating and important courses offered by the School of Social Justice and Global Stewardship in W2024, which include:

GDS 100 – A World of Development
Learn about how we address development challenges, both locally and globally by reviewing current global strategies and applying them to a local challenge.

GDS 220 – Globalization and Development
Explore the meanings of globalization and development and the effects of these processes on peoples and cultures in ‘the global south’ and around the world.

GDS 260 – Gender and Global Development
Apply an intersectional lens to development challenges, discuss gender-transformative change in communities, and examine Canadian and global efforts to bring about greater gender equity.

GDS 330 – Humanitarianism and Complex Emergencies
Examine the nature and impacts of humanitarian emergencies (e.g. conflict, violence, famine, displacement) and interrogate humanitarian encounters and responses.

GDS 340 – Geographies of Development
Reflect on landscapes of inequality, global poverty, underdevelopment and development, giving consideration to creating a more sustainable and just world.

IPK 101 – University and College Access Seminar
Prepares the learner for success in post-secondary education through collaborative learning and building skills.

IPK 105 – Introduction to Stó:lō People and Communities
Introduces the historical, political, social, and cultural issues Stó:lō people have faced due to colonialism, and the various forms of resistance and resurgence that have provided an antidote to these political, social, and cultural ills.

IPK 206 – Stó:lō Communications and Worldview
Explore how Stó:lō and Salish worldview, learning styles, language, and protocols differ from Western worldviews, and, look at the effects of colonial impacts.

IPK 477 – Traditional Ecological Knowledges
Learn about Indigenous approaches to the environment and ecology with an emphasis on traditional Northwest Coast knowledge.

PACS 200 – Conflict Analysis and Peacebuilding
Learn about the diverse peoples of the Fraser Valley, and how to approach and transform conflicts in our local communities.

PACS 201 – Equity-Based Dialogue and Engagement
Redress unfairness, prejudice and bias in our social exchanges by learning how to facilitate dialogue across difference.

PACS 300 – Religion, Violence, and Peacebuilding
Learn about the malleability of religion by considering how sacred texts and religious teachings can fuel violence as well as provide the basis of and possibilities for peacebuilding.

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To learn more about course offerings for the 2023 – 2024 academic year, visit the upcoming courses page on the School of Social Justice and Global Stewardship website.

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