Wellness & Connectedness in White Rock During COVID-19

How does COVID-19 affect the older adults in BC? Today is the International Day for Older Persons, and we are launching a new social media series on our Instagram and Twitter which will explore that question throughout October.

In October 2021, CHASI released a report on Wellness and Connectedness in White Rock during COVID-19, in partnership with the City of White Rock. A multi-pronged approach was utilized to collect data for this project, grounded in a robust engagement process to understand how older adults are ‘feeling’ and ‘doing’ during the pandemic. We also sought to identify which COVID-19 specific challenges are impacting individual and communal experiences of wellness in White Rock. In total, approximately 45 residents were engaged in the project, representing twelve organizations supporting seniors in the White Rock community as well as older adults with lived and differential experiences of wellness.

You can read our full report below.