Visioning Committee

Visioning Committee for UFV 2025: Education Planning

  1. Eric Davis (Provost and VP Academic, Chair)
  2. Maureen Wideman (Director, Teaching and Learning)
  3. Garry Fehr (Associate Professor, Geography and the Environment)
  4. Shelley Canning (Associate Professor, Registered Nursing)
  5. Rod McLeod (Associate Professor, Electrical Apprenticeship program, Chair of UEC)
  6. Sheryl MacMath (Department Head/Associate Professor, Teacher Education)
  7. Judy Larsen (Associate Professor, Upgrading & University Preparation)
  8. Ian Affleck (Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics)
  9. Sukhdeep Brar (Student rep on APPC and the Board, KPE)
  10. Alisa Webb (Associate Dean of Students, College of Arts)
  11. Tracy Ryder Glass (Dean, Faculty of Professional Studies)
  12. Craig Toews (Executive Director, Campus Planning & Resource Development)
  13. Adrienne Chan (AVP Research, Engagement, and Graduate Studies)
  14. Shawn Neumann (Founder and CEO of Domain7, Board Chair of First West Credit Union, UFV Alumnus)
  15. David Leis (Director of Advancement)
  16. Sierra Nickel

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