UFV 2025 — the 2016-20 UFV Education Plan Goals are finalized

Dear colleagues,

The votes are in and while almost every unit (there were a couple of exceptions) thought all the Goals were worthy, there were some clear favourites (Goals 1, 2, and 7).  There were also a number of criticisms that the Visioning Committee has tried to address.  These include the beliefs that some goals overlap with others and the goals are too wordy and not always clear.  So the Visioning Committee has taken your preferences and criticisms into account and rewritten the goals.  As planned, there are now five.  They will form the core of the UFV Education Plan, 2016-20.  Please see the document here.

As stated last fall, the institutional goals will be accomplished by setting and achieving institutional strategies at the Faculty/College, unit, and administrative levels.  Each Council, department and unit, therefore, will be responsible for developing the strategies each area will focus on over the next 5 years.

We are, therefore, now asking units throughout the institution—including the administrative support areas—the following questions: what would be the indicators that these institutional goal statements are true in 5 years in your area?  How will you get there?  The unit goals or strategies should be specific, observable, implementable, and measurable.  They should be sent to the Visioning Committee, by way of your Senior Administrator, by the end of February.  They will become appendices to the Education Plan.

We will finalize the Education Plan in early March.  It will then be brought to the March meeting of the Academic Planning and Priorities Committee for approval and recommendation to Senate.  In April, it will be brought to Senate for approval and recommendation to the Board of Governors.  In May, the Education Plan will proceed to the Board for final approval.

The five goals align with UFV 2025: A Vision for our Future.  They echo the recurring themes in submissions from students, staff, faculty, and administrators.  If achieved by the end of 2020, they will position us well to realize our vision for 2025.  Our collective, institution-wide commitment to achieve our goals will strengthen UFV.

Eric Davis on behalf of the UFV 2025 Visioning Committee

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