What FIVE GOALS must UFV achieve?

The visioning exercise began with the question, What should UFV look like in 2025?  Your voices and your ideas have helped shape our answer: UFV 2025: A Vision for our Future. 

You can find this document at H:/Temp/UFV 2025.

The next step, creating the Education Plan, 2016-20 begins with the question:

What are the five goals that UFV must achieve from 2016-20 to set ourselves up for 2025?

Your involvement in developing the UFV 2025 Vision was essential. It is a first of its kind for UFV and it could not have happened without the support, creativity, and involvement of staff, students, faculty, and the local Fraser Valley community. We heard from you through presentations, department and unit submissions, forum discussions, an on-line “have your say,” a blog, comment walls, student focus groups, and student papers for a philosophy of education course. We listened to what you had to say. Thank you.  Your ideas are reflected in UFV 2025: A Vision for Our Future.

There are four commitments articulated in this vision:

In 2025, UFV will be:

  • a community and regionally based university.
  • a learner- and student-centred university.
  • a university of social and intellectual development that supports lifelong learning and engaged global citizenship.
  • a university in which learning drives the system and structure of the university, rather than the structure shaping the learning.

We now need to turn the four vision statements that comprise the UFV 2025 Vision into a set of 5 Education Goals for 2016–2020. Continuing in the same spirit, we will build these goals on your voices.

Eric Davis and the UFV 2025 Visioning Committee

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