Educational Conundrum of the Week – Narrative Pedagogy

While teaching in Japan, I told stories about perseverance using Wayne Gretzky, endurance using Terry Fox, and politeness using the pervasive Canadian “sorry”. The stories fell flat because my Japanese audience couldn’t connect. What did they know about these topics? Nothing. My point never hit its target so I started using Japanese examples. At the … Read more

Digital Pedagogy beyond Google & YouTube

A camera is considered a digital tool to enhance learning, so too are audio recorders, DVDs and smartboards to name just a few. When thinking “digital pedagogy” we often focus solely on the Internet (e.g. YouTube, Google & Kahoots). Let’s expand our short list above. What one digital tool do you find most effective in … Read more

Conundrum of the Week: Active Learning Instructors are Still Instructors

Active learning methods get students engaged in their own learning. Collaborative learning groups, problem-based learning, and flipped classrooms are just a few examples of active leaning. We all see the benefits of active learning and there is little debate in its effectiveness. But, some have said, “But I love teaching, I love being the instructor … Read more

Conundrum of the Week: What’s your Story?

Narrative Pedagogy, or storytelling, is an educational tool we can offer students who learn in a variety of ways and who enter the classroom with diverse interests and backgrounds. Some instructors are more comfortable using this tool than others. Have you adopted storytelling into your classroom? If so, share an example and its outcome.