Meet the Director!

What kind of directing experience have you had?

I have been working professionally in theatre since I was 16 years old.  The first show I directed was in highschool and I have continued directing and choreographing throughout my career. I have directed everything from experimental site-specific ensemble pieces to musical comedy.

What do you like most about the theatre?

The teamwork. You need other people.


What are your goals for this production?

Learning for all the students involved. A reinvigoration of interest in Greek myths and a chance for people to really think about some of the story’s themes.

What would you say to someone who wants to get into theatre?

Be prepared to work really hard. Keep as balanced a life as possible. If you really really love it – don’t give up. Theatre training has MANY uses and can be applied to almost any career… from being a salesperson to being Prime Minister.

Have you ever also played a role in a play you were directing?

Yes. But only when working in an ensemble I trusted entirely AND I always had an “outside eye” come in at the end to take on the directing role. It is really challenging and I am not sure I will ever do it again.

What is your favourite part of being a director?

It’s also the hardest part: Giving the show up on opening night and becoming a spectator. At opening the show belongs to the cast and crew – and the director’s job is done. It’s like being a parent and letting your kid go off on their own.

What is your favourite part of this production?

No single part. I simply love that the cast and crew are taking ownership of their work. It really is their show and it is fantastic.

What has been the most challenging part of this production/your role?

Scheduling – H-E-L-L! Just no easy way to deal with this with the realities of the geography of this University and the calendars of a super busy group. We are always under pressure it seems.

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Argo’s Assistant Director

Assistant Director Geneva Perkins sat down with us so we could learn a bit about her!


She’s pretty frightened of zombie skeletons, for one thing.


What kind of directing experience have you had?

All of my experience is here at UFV, I’ve taken directing classes and was part of the UFV directing festival for the last 2 years.

What do you like most about the theatre?

I love that you get to work with people who have the same passion as you, and there are all these different opinions that create something so great. I love the storytelling aspect, and being able to create this experience for the audience.

What are your goals for this production?

  • To learn as much as I possibly can and grow as a director
  • To push myself
  • To see how to entire production comes together

What would you say to someone who wants to get into theatre?

Don’t worry about skill level, that’s not the point. It’s so much fun, you won’t regret it!

Just do it!



Have you ever played a role in a play you directed?

I’ve never done both, usually just one or the other.

What is your favourite part of this production?

I absolutely love the ensemble work. The strongest parts of the show are the Argonauts working together, rowing,  fighting, joking together. It’s great!

IMG_0069 IMG_0079 IMG_0081

What are you taking in school right now?

This is my last year, I’m taking an English major with a drama concentration.

Biggest challenge of the show?

The ensemble scenes have been the most challenging, as I’ve only directed 2 person plays before, so this is a big change for me. And traffic control , I guess you’d call it.

What is your favourite part of being an Assistant Director?

I love that I get to give my opinion and I’m there to support Colleen (Argo’s director) in everything, but I don’t have any of the pressure that Colleen does to be right, haha.


Argonautika is now playing! Buy Tickets Now!

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Designing Argo’s Costumes

Jessica Fowlis tells us a little bit about the thought process behind designing
Argonautika’s costumes!

Designing the costumes for Argonautika required us to be as flexible as possible to ensure that actors playing more than one character could easily become someone (or something) new as the play progressed. It was also important for us to honor our Greek Gods and goddesses by dressing them in golds, so that they stood out among our mortal heroes. By playing between the lines, the costume team tried to pull the histories the Argo tells us into even the smallest details. We hope you enjoy our work, and the journey we’ve all sailed.

Behind the scenes in the costume department, where everyone is working hard to create these beautiful pieces!


IMG_0231 IMG_0232

IMG_0219 The costumes are backstage and ready for the show! Performances run from Nov 12 to 29.  Get your tickets now!

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