Behaviour Interventionist, Stepping Stones Consultants – Surrey

BI Stepping Stones Consultants

Stepping Stones Consultants is an agency seeking individuals interested in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other disorders (ADHD/ADD, ODD, GAD, etc.) in the role of a Behaviour Interventionist (BI).

The successful candidate will implement a home-based therapy program under the guidance of a Board-Certified Behaviour Consultant (BC). Therapy includes working 1:1 sessions targeting play, academic, social, communication, self-management, and self-care skills. This position is perfect for those with a background in/goals towards a career in speech-language pathology, education, psychology, social services, rehabilitation sciences, occupational therapy, and the like.

$15 per hour, increasing to $20 per hour after the first 3-month probationary period, with opportunities for raises every 6 months thereafter.


– Energetic, punctual, patient, and interested in supporting growth in children

– At least 19 years of age

– Have strong communication and play skills

– Able to commit to the position for at least 6 months

– Having your own vehicle is an asset Experience working with children and/or ABA training is an asset but is not required.

If you are interested please contact Carolyn Sorial via email at or via phone at 778-552-3055 with your CV.

Please note, due to COVID regulations and the nature of this work, BIs will not be able to wear masks unless they are clear in order for their mouths and facial expressions to be fully visible.