United Way recruiting a new Community Engagement Specialist for the Fraser Valley

About Us

United Way of the Lower Mainland (UWLM) has a long history of innovating charity and community impact. Since 1930, we have been mobilizing everyday people to contribute to programs that advance social equity. We support the youngest, oldest, and the most vulnerable members of 40 BC communities from the Sunshine Coast and Sea to Sky Corridor through to Vancouver to the Fraser Valley, and all the way to Boston Bar, BC.

Never losing sight of our focus on local communities, our work also spans the province. We manage BC’s Better At Home program for Seniors and the Youth Futures Education Fund for youth who have aged out of care. United Way of the Lower Mainland was integral to the creation of BC211 and its valuable province wide social support system.

While we have focused our work on kid living vulnerably, families experiencing poverty, and seniors facing social isolation, we never lose sight of the big-picture causes of social inequity.

In the next phase of our work, we wish to inspire resiliency, innovation, and a sense of co-ownership. This work will reflect what it means to live here and now, and how powerful it is to show up for each other – all with great love.

Detailed Job Description – Click to Apply 

The Community Engagement Specialist is responsible for the development, coordination, and implementation of resident engagement opportunities in local communities as a mechanism of furthering the strategic mission of United Way of the Lower Mainland (UWLM).  The role utilizes asset-based community development lenses to design our neighbourhood strategy and prioritizes stakeholder engagement across multiple neighbourhoods. The role serves as a community organizer and supervises local resident Community Builders to help identify key assets and challenges in community. The position leads community impact activities focusing on neighborhood level change addressing UW strategic objectives. The role helps identify and build relationships with individuals, corporate partners, municipalities, school districts, and non-profits to engage in holistic community building.

To meet community where they are, this role’s normal work hours are Tuesday to Saturday, and will require some hours outside of business hours to attend meetings and events.

Summary Of Duties And Responsibilities

Key Responsibility Area: Community Engagement & Development

  • Identifies and creates avenues for open dialogue in community to understand community aspirations, by seeking information from the community, and engaging in activities to promote United Way objectives
  • Uses an asset-based community development framework to develop relationships of trust and mutual respect with residents and strategic key stakeholders
  • Ensures United Way’s consistent presence and visibility in the community
  • Develops a list of interested local residents for ongoing outreach and engagement
  • Facilitates community engagement opportunities by coordinating logistics and stakeholders in partnership with local neighbourhood staff and volunteers
  • Develops, coordinates, implements and facilitates community engagement opportunities with diverse groups to collect information
  • Plans and implements United Way local love strategies to address community issues
  • Provides on the ground intelligence and services as a brand ambassador when discussing United Way’s strategic direction and mission

Key Responsibility Area: Community Mobilization

  • Engages with community through events, projects, and outreach to identify individual community champions and provides them with ongoing development, coaching, and support.
  • Defines engagement strategy for Community Builders to follow in the neighbourhood and prioritizes specific groups and residents to engage
  • Establishes a community builder pool to assist with community engagement opportunities and co-create solutions
  • Increases volunteer engagement and registers community members to participate in formal UWLM volunteer activities
  • Increases UW’s profile in communities through targeted community engagement activities.
  • Implements and coordinates the program for community builders to promote United Way’s mission and showcase its value add as a charitable partner
  • Implements co-created solutions to community challenges including but not limited to investments
  • Provides support to community builders, service providers, school districts, municipalities, and other partners

Key Responsibility Area: Support to Communities

  • Under the direction of the Assistant Director of Volunteer Mobilization and Director of Social Impact participates in processes that help ensure community social issues within the neighborhood are being accurately identified and effectively addressed.
  • Promotes opportunities for communities to participate in addressing social issues alongside UWLM.
  • Provides, knowledge, advice, and trend information on community services and issues to other UWLM departments
  • Builds both internal and external relationships to recruit partnerships and community builders
  • Fosters relationships with residents and key stakeholders
  • Develops independence of Community Builder staff to work reduced hours with sustained impact in Hi Neighbour’s sustainability phase

Qualifications & Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, a related discipline, or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience
  • Three years of experience in engaging communities in asset building activities and mobilizing resident action to solving community issues
  • Project management experience and experience working with volunteers at various levels throughout the community are essential
  • Experience in analysis, report and proposal writing are required
  • Knowledge and practice of asset-based community development, resident engagement, and facilitation
  • Strong organizational, analytical, reporting and time management skills with the ability to understand and communicate the broader implications of plans and activities
  • Facilitation and group problem-solving skills
  • Good training and presentation skills. Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to motivate others and work as a team member. Skilled in creating and maintaining good working relationships with a variety of internal and external stakeholders
  • Previous experience in successful community engagement projects
  • Demonstrated ability to work within a community setting with diverse populations, including community groups, government, professional staff and volunteers.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite and learning new computer applications and tools
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure, be responsive and meet deadlines
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Attention to detail

Other Job Requirements

The incumbent must have access to a vehicle and possess a valid driver’s license

Pay grade 38 –  $78,216.00 per annum.

Please highlight your connection to the Fraser Valley in your cover letter.