Lunch and Learn

Lunch N Learn

An initiative of the Abbotsford Safe Relationships, Safe Child Provincial Project
Please Contact: Mark Littlefield @ if you have ideas for future lunch and learns
Safe Relationships, Safe Children Project Overview

The Safe Relationships, Safe Children project, helps front-line staff in a variety of health and community settings better and more consistently manage situations where mental illness, problematic substance use and domestic violence may put children’s safety at risk.

The project puts more effective procedures in place, ensuring vital information is shared and service providers are trained to determine risk and address the safety needs – not only of parents in treatment – but also of their children, partners and other family members by:
• Identifying, as early as possible, parents with serious untreated mental illness, problematic substance use or risk of domestic violence whenever they come in contact with health care or Ministry of Children and Family Development services.
• Determining when there is a risk to children.
• Connecting affected families with appropriate supports and services.
• Monitoring affected families for their progress of overtime.(Blais & Sinclair, 2014)

5 Good Ideas Lunch N Learn – 12:00-1:00pm Presentation
1:00pm to 1:30pm optional networking opportunity RSVP
At MCC Centre – 33933 Gladys Ave Abbotsford – upper meeting room

Speaker/s Name:
Shaleen Pillay (Efry)
Shawna Mccormack (WZ) Cassie Neufeld (WZ) Cheyenne Rain (WZ)
Abby Mann (WZ) Mahima Jacob (ACS)

Brief overview:
How collaborations within W.E.A.V. E (Elizabeth Fry Society, Warm Zone, Abbotsford Community Services), are supporting women in self-identifying goals that will assist in them exiting sex work. For those who have children, many goals are surrounded around reestablishing positive relationships with children.
How pregnancy and positive interactions with children have been motivating factors for women who identify as wanting to leave sex work.
How W.E.A.V.E supports have impacted safe and healthy mother- child interactions

What you will leave with: (List 4-5 practical and specific things the learners will leave with)
1. On overview of what W.E.A.V.E entails- i.e. information on proposal, facts on sex work, client experiences
2. How client engagement transpires within W.E.A.V.E, advocacy, and interactions with third party agencies.
3. Brief overview of W.E.A.V.E trauma counselling services, and how it impacts exiting sex work.
4. How agencies on this committee can assist with W.E.A.VE/ Refer to W.E.A.V.E