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A New Era at FOUNDRY Abbotsford

Taking a Bold Step into Integrated Support Community

In 2009, Impact started working with Abbotsford Community Services, the Division of Family Practice, the Ministry of Children and Family Development and other community partners to develop a new program that we intentionally called the Abbotsford Youth Heath Centre.

Though a youth-friendly medical clinic was absolutely needed in our community, that was not the ultimate dream. It took a year to get the doors open for the AYHC in November 2010… and then nearly 8 more years of hard, collaborative work to open what is now Foundry Abbotsford. Not only does Foundry give a permanent home (the 7th in 8 years!) to the AYHC, but it now offers the space for youth and family members to not just get services, but to walk through the doors of Foundry into a growing sense of community.

As of September 1, 2018, Impact’s old space on Ware Street is closed and Impact’s youth and family programs (substance use counselling, groups, and youth-led community development) have moved into Foundry at 101-32555 Simon Avenue, Abbotsford, BC V2T 4Y2. But the hard work of community building doesn’t stop here. To find out what you might be able to do to support Impact and its Foundry partners to keep the dream alive and growing in innovative, evidence-informed ways, contact Impact’s executive director, Brian Gross, at

Have you felt the need to be super-human as a parent? Here’s the chance to be human again.

It’s easy to become preoccupied with behaviours that loved ones may be tangled up in. Sometimes we can even become as tangled up in their situations as they may be!

That’s not good for anyone.

Concerns, troubles, and disagreements are guaranteed in life and the parenting journey. What can we do to be in a better place to bounce back and even learn and grow from them?

Research shows resilience is the rule, not the exception. When our human needs are met, we are more resilient.

PRP2 is a chance for caregivers to explore and share the wisdom, experience and gifts that help us learn, grow and show up still living our values (and therefore valuing our lives), despite—even because of—the challenges we face.

Session 1: Risks and Rewards
Session 2: Human Needs
Session 3: Truth and Knowledge
Session 4: Self-Care and Forgiveness
Session 5: Recharge!
Session 6: Boundaries, Expectations & Change
Session 7: Respect and Values
Session 8: Harvest!

Eight Weeks, Wednesdays, October 3 to November 21, 2018, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Contact or 604-201-6999 to register. Brief intake required. Open to parents, caregivers & others concerned about young people (under 25) in our community. The young person does not have to be involved with Impact’s services in order for a caregiver to attend.

More Information about PRP2

Drug War Survivors: Creating Conversations with and among Friends

Drug User, Concerned Citizen, Activist, Friend

There are all kinds of understandable forces pressuring us into viewing Abbotsford’s homeless, unstably housed, and drug using populations through just one lens – the lens of “public nuisance,” for example.

Perhaps the strongest force is the complexity of the situation. If we do start to see that people who use drugs have stories we can relate to, that make sense, and that we might too have lived were our dice tossed differently… what can we do about it!?!

We live in a society that can often seem as if it’s teetering on the edge. The temptation to just look the other way can be understandable:
• Housing crisis
• Drug contamination crisis
• Health care crisis

But perhaps we can learn a lesson in hope and faith from those who it may seem should have the strongest reasons to look away, give up, and give in.

We want to share three recent stories from the Abbotsford News that might give you the inspiration to hope a little harder when it comes to your life, your family, your community and our world. Modern life is complex. But avoiding life’s complexities doesn’t make anything better. At Impact, we’re grateful to have the opportunity to be inspired by collaborating with the Drug War Survivors. In our book, they’re about as real as it gets.

• Abbotsford group taking hands-on approach to Overdose Awareness Day
• An Abbotsford student’s view of addictions and losing stigma
• Abbotsford group cleans park, releases bubbles for Overdose Awareness Day

Stay tuned for a video of an eye-opening day this summer when we brought the Drug War Survivors and a group of recent Abbotsford high school graduates together.

Are you ready to FLOH?!?

FLOH (Foster system, Life promotion, Opioid dialogue, Harm reduction) is a program currently under development by over 20 youth (age 14 to 24) across 4 communities in BC’s Fraser-Salish/Fraser Health region (Tri-Cities, Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack).

Though FLOH focuses on a number of topics, it puts youth (and especially Aboriginal youth) with experience in government care front-and-centre, as, statistically, their health outcomes are perhaps the most concerning of any demographic in our communities… including outcomes related to suicide (Life promotion), opioid and opioid contaminated street drug use (Opioid dialogue), and being supported and met where they are (Harm reduction).

If conditions improve for these youth, we’re confident they will also improve for the rest of the individuals in our communities. In modern society’s crisis of connection, we believe the health outcomes for these youth could also be a strong indicator of the health of our society in general.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from these passionate youth (many of whom have been involved and even working for Impact for up to 4 years… having gotten their start in Impact’s VYPER project). But if this short description has piqued your interest, contact Mena Beatch, our Adult FLOHcilitator at

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