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Métis Family Services

JOB TITLE: Resource Worker (Permanent /Full Time)


REPORTS TO: Resource Team Leader


CLOSING DATE: April 27, 2017

Job Posting:


The Resource Worker is responsible for the recruitment retention and support of residential resources in which to place Métis Children in Care: Foster homes; Group homes; Specialized Residential resources, out of care agreements. The position monitors services provided; supports the resource providers and liaises with staff and community resources that are relevant to the provision of guardianship services. The goal of this service is to provide the most culturally appropriate resource available to meet the needs of the Métis children in care. Negotiating, administering and managing contracts are required for this position. This is done under the direction of the Resource Team Leader and/or CEO.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

Appropriate cultural resources:

Receiving requests from the delegated Social Workers for placement of Métis children being brought into care on an emergency and planned basis. Searching out and coordinating placements for Metis children being discharged from a resource. Coordinating out of province resources – if required.

Liaises with district offices regarding placements of Métis children in care by:

  • attending MFS Social Worker meetings on a weekly basis to discuss and report on specific placement issues and general outstanding resource issues.
  • acting as the information broker for Métis children needing placement and/or service and transferring information to the appropriate Guardianship Worker.
  • providing ongoing evaluation and assessment of a child’s progress during placement to assist in the planning process.

Facilitates the provision of foster home resources for children in care by:

  • recruiting, orienting, studying and recommending for approval. Also, training foster parents
  • monitoring and provision of service as well as supporting foster parents
  • assessing the designation of foster home levels and making recommendations to the Social Workers and Supervisors
  • liaisons with local foster parent associations and regional councils to resolve issues and provide information of mutual interest
  • negotiating client services agreements with contractors outside of leveled homes
  • conducting semi-annual reviews of foster homes

Recruits and develops contracted resources by:

  • consulting with Social workers and Supervisors to identify resource development needs
  • defining the best way to meet identified needs and recommending models of care
  • negotiating a contract under the direction of the supervisor
  • recruiting and screening potential foster homes / caregivers
  • providing background information to the negotiator to aid in contract negotiation
  • drawing up specific schedules and/or addenda which clearly define service deliveries to be provided, and outcomes based on client needs to be included in the contract
  • interpreting and explaining the contractor relationship to service providers and staff and maintaining that relationship with all service providers
  • reviewing and understanding the contract negotiated, and interpreting same as required.

Monitors the provision of service by:

  • evaluating the resource to ensure program is being provided as outlined in the contract.
  • setting overall goals with the resource for ongoing service delivery
  • ensuring that review and revision of individual client goals are completed by involving the client’s Social Worker.
  • coordinating all admission and discharges by attending all meetings
  • providing ongoing feedback to the resource regarding quality of service
  • gathering information to assist in contract renewal, as to whether service is acceptable
  • maintaining up-to-date records and statistics on resource referral’s and occupancy

Supports foster homes and contracted resource providers by:

  • interpreting ministry and Métis Family Services policy and requirements to service providers in a positive manner
  • representing the needs of service providers to ministry and Metis Family Services staff in a positive manner
  • acting to resolve problems between service providers, Metis Family Services and ministry staff
  • ensuring that requirements for use of resources are clarified, understood and met

Participates in the investigation process of allegations of abuse and neglect in child welfare resources, according to regional and provincial standards.

Performs other duties as required such as

  • maintaining and entering information on the Resource and Payment system to ensure payments to caregivers are accurate and timely
  • carrying out special projects as required by the Resource Team Leader.


Results orientation skills

Concern for surpassing a standard of excellence. The standard may be one’s own past performance (striving for improvement); an objective measure (achievement orientation); challenging goals that one has set; or even improving or surpassing what has already been done (continuous improvement).

Teamwork and Co-operation skills

Has an ability to work co-operatively within diverse teams, work groups and across the organization to achieve group and organizational goals. It includes the desire and ability to understand and respond effectively to other people from diverse backgrounds with diverse views.

Service Orientation skills

Implies a desire to identify and serve customers/clients, who may include the public, co-workers, other branches/divisions, other ministries/agencies, other government organizations, and non-government organizations. It means focusing one’s efforts on discovering and meeting the needs of the customer/client.

Qualifications, Education and experience:

Applicants must have a Bachelor of Social Work degree or degree in a related field with a minimum of two years’ experience in Residential Resources recruitment and retention.

Must hold provincial delegation or be eligible to obtain appropriate delegation.


Criminal Record Check; Class 5 Driver’s License and Abstract; reliable form of transportation.


SPO24 $33.14 to $37.83 per hour (with Provincial Delegation)

SPO Growth $28.65 to $31.23 per hour (Delegation Training)

Start date: asap

BENEFITS: As per Collective Agreement

Please submit resume with cover letter, indicating the position applying for to the attention of: Aileen Lomotan, by

This position requires Union membership.

This position is open to male and female applicants.

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