Student Advocacy – Positive Living Fraser Valley

Our students did amazing work in their advocacy efforts for Positive Living Fraser Valley Society.

They visited MLA and MP offices in Mission, Abbotsford and Chilliwack in solidarity with PLFV Executive Director, Kari Hackett, Service Users from the agency and a Board Member from PLFV. As they silently walked in solidarity and squeezed into the offices, they learned a great deal. They learned about the issue, learned from the Agency and Service User spokespersons, what the cuts will mean to those receiving the services and learned about the role of MPs and MLAs in addressing the needs of its constituents as well as so much more…..advocacy is an integral part of our roles as social workers.

The most important feedback was from a Service User who said “When I heard of the cuts, I felt hopeless…after today and seeing the support we have, walking alongside us, I feel hopeful again.”

And they made the local press!

The PLFV Task group are planning a round table event to bring about further awareness. More details to follow from the PLFV Task Group.