Positive Living Fraser Valley Society – What is Happening? Funding – Impact – Services

Positive Living Fraser Valley, a non-profit society and pro-active community, supporting elimination of social isolation and stigma connected to HIV, Viral Hepatitis, TB and Sexually Transmitted Blood Borne Infections is being de-funded!

For ten years, the society has been servicing regions from Hope to Langley, home to 1.6 million people. In the province of B.C., this community has the largest amount of Hepatitis C per capita. Additionally, the next closest agency in Surrey also faces defunding from the Public Health Agency of Canada. This notion will devastatingly impact service users in need!

So, what are the consequences of organizational defunding?

  • No support services for everyone diagnosed with HIV or Hepatitis and ongoing support in adherence to treatment
  • No transportation to medical appointments in Vancouver, many of which are only available there
  • No advocacy for vulnerable populations in need of financial support, housing, and medical care
  • No public and community education on HIV, Hepatitis C, and Blood Borne Infections resulting in a lack of societal awareness
  • Closure of a drop-in center for social involvement, community building, and information sharing
  • Elimination of testing, treatment, and wellness services
  • Risk of disease progression for those suffering from HIV
  • No practicum opportunities for university students seeking careers in HIV support services for future practice

Such consequences will affect the service user directly in addition to larger society by allowing progression of infection, refusing treatment for HIV management, and disrupting opportunities for public education. Such results will further reinforce the notion of stigma, oppression, and barriers for those living with HIV, Viral Hepatitis, TB, and Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Have you experienced stigmatic discrimination? Does your loved one struggle with infectious illness and health? How can you help advocate in solidarity for funding?

How can you help advocate in solidarity for funding?

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