Job Posting – Chilliwack Youth-Adult-Partnership Coordinator – Chilliwack CYC

Chilliwack CYC

Chilliwack Youth-Adult-Partnership Coordinator

15 hrs/week

Start date: May 2, 2016


With over 20 partners from across multiple sectors within the Child and Youth Committee (including, among others, the City of Chilliwack, Ministry for Children and Family Development, Fraser Health, Xyolhemeylh, CYMH, RCMP, Sto;lo Nation, Chilliwack Community Services, SD#33, Pacific Community Resources Society) and the CYC Youth Matters Committee (Cyrus Centre, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Chilliwack Society for Community Living, Ann Davis Transition Society , School District #33 , Chilliwack Community Services and Chilliwack RCMP), the community of Chilliwack has identified the need to have youth voices guide and inspire service providers, in order to connect the work that is being done, with those it is intended to reach. Both the CYC and the CYC Youth Matter’s committees have decided to pursue this work through the hiring of a Youth-Adult Partnership Coordinator, who will be hired on to work with youth, and service providers, to explore areas of collaboration and interest.

These community partners have identified two core goals, which they aim to carry out as collaboratively as possible with local youth who have expertise about the opportunities and barriers that youth face in Chilliwack. Their hope is that by working more and more with youth, rather than driving services and programs to or at them, those services and programs will better meet youth where they are – and will address the two core asset deficits above:

  •  Providing opportunities for youth to contribute to the community and therefore to be valued by the community.
  •  Providing opportunities for youth to come into contact with more adults in different roles, where the youth can both experience positive, responsible  behaviour from adults, and where they themselves can model positive, responsible behaviours to their peers and to adults.


This position will be responsible for the following key deliverables in collaboration with youth and community organizations:

  1. Helping the Chilliwack Child and Youth Committee, as well as the Chilliwack Youth Matters Committee (a subcommittee of the CYC), to move further towards having more and more youth involvement in decision-making when it comes to programs that affect youth.
  2. Supporting CYC agencies as opportunities arise to allow for involvement of youth so that their voices may guide, inspire, and connect the community, services, services providers, resources, or projects.
  3. Identifying opportunities to further support the sustainability of this position and youth involvement, such as applying for grants with the youth or creating fundraising opportunities.
  4. Creating a Youth Advisory Committee to report to city council on matters that concern youth.
  5. Documenting the work done with the youth so that information is available for future funding and evaluation purposes (in whatever format agreed upon).


  •  The Chilliwack Youth-Adult-Partnership Coordinator (YAP Coordinator) develops, maintains and builds upon relationships with and between the various project partners in the Chilliwack area.
  •  The position will report to the Chilliwack CYC and the CYC Youth Matters Committee (YM).
  •  The YAP Coordinator will develop and facilitate regular meetings of VOYCE (Voice of Youth for Community Engagement).
  •  The YAP Coordinator through direction and guidance from the Chilliwack CYC and CYC Youth Matters Committee collects opportunities for youth-adult-partnerships from local organizations and committees and presents them to VOYCE, then helps VOYCE to determine if and how it would like to engage with these opportunities.
  •      The YAP Coordinator assists VOYCE to move forward on those projects it takes on, engaging other supports from partner organizations as needed


  •      In-depth understanding of the socio-economic conditions, trends in health challenges and opportunities experienced by youth in Chilliwack.
  •  Experience with collaborative youth-adult projects and a commitment to youth engagement.
  •  Undergraduate degree, diploma or certificate in public health, social work, child and youth care, sociology, or allied field (or equivalent work experience in the field).
  •  Extensive experience with group facilitation, and some experience with supporting facilitative capacity-building in others.
  •  Excellent written and oral communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, and ability to respond in a positive way to demanding issues and project a    welcoming, friendly personality.

Other Requirements:

  •  Criminal records check.
  •  Use of personal vehicle (Class 5 License)
  •  Emergency First Aid & CPR (Child & Adult).
  •  Flexible work schedule.

Please send resume and cover letter by Friday April 15th to Karen Steegstra, Child and Youth Community Coordinator:

Please note, only short-listed candidates will be contacted.