When can I go?

Start planning early for the best Study Abroad experience

As soon as you have completed 30 credits at UFV, you are eligible to study abroad.

But remember: studying abroad require more preparation than the usual overseas trip. In addition to visas and shots, you need to secure admission to a foreign university, plan your course work, arrange for accommodations, and fill out paperwork to have your credits transferred.

For best results, start your research and planning ten months before you wish to study abroad.  Your Study Abroad coordinator will support you through all the steps: but ultimately you are the one in charge. To set a realistic date for your departure,  contact you Study Abroad coordinator early on to confirm details on host institutions’ application deadlines and semester start dates.

Be sure to email StudyAbroad@ufv.ca to sign up for a Study Abroad info session at UFV International at least eight months before your anticipated departure.