Study abroad

Go places with UFV Study Abroad

When you participate in an international exchange, you gain a competitive and compassionate edge as well as distinct advantages in the classroom, workforce, and life.

You get to:

  • pay UFV tuition and earn UFV credits
  • challenge yourself
  • meet amazing people from around the world
  • visit great places and learn fascinating new things
  • buff up your intercultural communication skills
  • experience a different culture and improve your foreign languages skills
  • broaden and enrich your education
  • enhance your résumé and be competitive in an increasingly global economy
  • explore and experience history, art, and world events not available in Canada
  • increase your exposure to different perspectives
  • grow personally and professionally

To go study abroad, you need to:

  • be nominated by UFV
  • remain registered in an undergraduate program at UFV
  • ensure that course work completed at your host institution is applicable to your degree program

Start your journey now: