Step-by-step guide

Step 1 – Get nominated by your university

Get in touch with the International department at your university to find out the requirements to obtain a nomination to study at UFV.

Step 2 – Contact UFV Study Abroad Coordinator

Jag Deol is the initial contact for incoming exchange students.

Contact Information:
Tel: (604) 854-4544 (ext. 4361)
Fax: (604) 855-7153

Mailing Address:
Jag Deol
Study Abroad Coordinator
UFV International
33844 King Rd.
Abbotsford, BC, Canada
V2S 7M8

Jag will help you through the application process, answer all your questions, and welcome you at orientation.

Step  3 – Apply at UFV

As an exchange student, you do not have to pay an application fee. Aside from this fact, you can follow the international application procedure outlined in eight easy steps to secure admission at UFV. Requirements, deadlines, and semester information are also readily available on the website for your reference.

Note that except for transcripts, which must be sent in hardcopy only, you may scan all required documents and send them electronically.

Step 4 – Wait for your letter of acceptance

Applications are normally processed within one week as long as they are submitted before the deadline date. Acceptance letters are mailed in hardcopy form (for visa application purposes) and emailed electronically to both you and the Study Abroad Coordinator at your institution.

Step 5 – Apply for a visa

If you plan to study at UFV for one semester only, you can come to Canada on a six-month visitor visa. If you plan to extend your stay beyond six months and study at UFV for two semesters, obtain a study permit.

Please refer to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website for information about visa requirements and visa office locations.

Should your visa be delayed for any reason, you will have the option to defer your UFV studies to the following semester.

Step 6 – Submit your course selection to UFV Study Abroad Coordinator

UFV Study Abroad Coordinator will handle your course registration, based on your course selection. He will contact the relevant departments to waive pre-requisites, if required, and work with UFV’s Office of the Registrar (OReg) to secure the courses of your choice.

As an exchange student, you benefit from early registration and should have no difficulty signing up for classes. Generally, lower-level (100-200 level) courses are weighted at 3 credits each, upper-level (300-400 level) courses are weighted at 4 credits per course. If you plan to take upper-level academic courses, you may register for a maximum of 5 courses per semester.

Step 7 – Download and read UFV pre-arrival handbook

UFV pre-arrival handbook provides all the information you need to prepare for a successful stay at UFV,  and includes useful tips on packing and planning for travel, finances, medical care, accommodations and more.