Storage of Information

The study abroad office will create a destination folder in the Security and Emergency Management (SEM) drive. In the destination folder, a folder for each student will be created and include the following international travel forms:

1.  Student Information Form

2. UFV Freedom of Consent

3. International Travel Statement of Risks and Terms of Liability

4. International Travel Waiver

5. Photo/Video Release Form

6. Photocopy of passport and visa (if applicable).  Optional: other government-issued ID and travel insurance policy


In addition, a final detailed itinerary, an overall student list including tour leaders and contact information for tour leaders will be added to the destination folder.

*personal checklists/budget forms, course outlines, section requests, and emergency contact information forms do not need to be uploaded to the SEM  drive.

You may need to obtain and/or designate access to upload these forms using the guidelines below:

Storage Download Guidelines for Storing International Travel Information on the SEM Drive.