Safety Abroad

UFV has purchased a membership with International SOS, a 24/7 emergency resource organization specializing in medical assistance, international healthcare, and security services. Our membership extends to all UFV students and employees travelling out of country on UFV related business. The process is simple and the peace of mind invaluable knowing that help is a call away.

Please include $50/student into your study tour budget to be transferred to the UFV International office. 

Each traveller in a UFV international experience will create a Traveler Profile and a ‘trip’ will be created that includes flight, other transportation, and accommodation information. Email address ending in or must be used when creating a Traveler Profile in order to be linked with UFV’s membership number.  The trip and traveler information will be viewed in the the ISOS Travel Tracker where UFV International study abroad staff will monitor, receiving updates and alerts for each relevant country. All travellers will carry with them UFV’s International SOS membership number, the ISOS emergency number and are additionally encouraged to download the Assistance App for Apple or Android mobile devices. The app is a great place for quick access to the ISOS calling center in the nearest vicinity, country specific information including medical and travel updates, as well as a place to view travel itinerary.

In the event of a medical emergency, natural disaster, lost or stolen passport, language barrier in a taxi, and so on, students and leaders are encouraged to call the ISOS calling center in the region closest to them for access to doctor’s, nurses, translators, and other advisors. Tour leaders much have an international calling packing in case of emergencies and students are encourage to have the same.

Pre-trip advisories that include country specific information, the services available with membership, and special travel/medical alerts will be emailed to all travellers and become part of the pre-departure orientations.

Visit to learn more about the services offered.

Please to book two pre-departure orientations – the first when the tour group is confirmed to access the ISOS membership number for country specific information and the second, a minimum of 2 weeks before departure for MyTrips, culture shock, and student code of conduct information.