Promotion and Logistics

After you have received approval for your proposed international experience, you can begin to promote to- and recruit students. There are a variety of ways to do this and the best strategy depends on whether or not your tour is open to all UFV students or faculty specific. Study Tour information sessions are used to introduce students to the courses, activities, itinerary, the country itself, and approximate costs of the tour. Some tour leaders create a study tour application form, others conduct interviews, while others accept all, including UFV employees, who apply.

Be sure to set realistic deadlines for recruitment and payment according to your budget considerations. It is helpful to work backwards from the departure date and determine a critical date for deferring or progressing with the international experience.

We understand that following the proposal approval, details may change and more logistical information will become available. Before departure, you must obtain your Dean’s final approval on the original approved proposal worksheet.

Please download the forms below and save them to a folder before working on them electronically.

Register now You will need to create a CRN through the Office of the Registrar. Study Tours may be offered on a credit(s) or non-credit basis. Many departments have directed studies or shell courses at the 300 or 400 level that can be used to design your course(s). Alternatively, you can use an existing course and create a specific section for participants in the international experience to register in. Academic courses associated with the study tour can be separate from a Study Tour CRN.
Download Study Tour Scheduling Request form.
FlightInfo Pre-departure sessions are an essential component of any international experience. You will likely hold several pre-departure sessions leading up to the date of departure. As the tour leader, it will be your responsibility to provide students with country specific information including cultural norms, geography, etc. This should be done before any tour deposits are paid by students. By obtaining UFV’s International SOS membership card and visiting the ISOS portal, you will have access to detailed information about the country/countries you will visit including currency, vaccinations, safety, customs, and much more.

UFV International will provide a comprehensive pre-departure orientation no less than two weeks before the date of departure covering topics such as culture shock, UFV student code of conduct, and importantly, registering each student in the ISOS travel tracker (more on this below).

Please email to schedule a pre-departure orientation. All study tour participants are required to attend the pre-departure meetings.

 Strapline It is assumed that all participants will depart and return from an international experience as a group. Nevertheless, during UFV International’s pre-departure session, each student and tour leader MUST create a traveler profile in the International SOS online system, an emergency response membership service that UFV has purchased for all university-related travel.  Flight itinerary, accommodation, train and bus reservations will be entered for each student and tour leader.  For even more information, please visit the Safety Abroad page under the Study Tour menu.

Please ensure that the student(s) are aware that UFV assumes no responsibility for personal travel while abroad. At least one of the leaders must accompany the students back to Canada.