Wining and Dining in Prague

Hi everyone! We recently talked with Jennifer, who is a 3rd year psychology major in the Bachelor of Arts program. Jennifer is currently studying abroad at Anglo American University (AAU) in Prague, Czech Republic. With some travel experience under her belt, she chose to study abroad in the Czech Republic because of its culture, art, […]

Studying Psychology in Germany

Hi everyone! We are taking a little trip back to Europe again today, chatting with Jessica about her time so far studying abroad in Germany. She is a doing a concurrent double bachelor’s degree in Criminology/Criminal Justice and Psychology.  Jessica notes that “I always wanted to travel young, broaden my world view, and gain different […]

Culture, classes, and cafes in Korea

Hi Everyone! Today I chatted with Michelle, who is currently studying abroad at Ewha Woman’s University in Korea. Michelle is in her third year of a Bachelor of Integrated Studies, with the goal of completing her degree and continuing onto a Masters in Occupational Therapy. One of Michelle’s hobbies is learning Korean, which she had […]

Living the Dream in Spain

Hi everyone! We started off the new semester by talking to Morgan, who is a 4th year Integrated Studies student with a minor in history and hopes to apply for UFV’s Bachelor of Education program. With a love of traveling and Spanish culture, she chose to study abroad at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in […]

Belgium: Venice of the North

by Tanya Vanpraseuth Bruges, Belgium, otherwise known as the “Venice of the North,” was the first place I visited in Europe. The city itself was absolutely stunning. I have seen plenty of photos of Belgium online and I was expecting a lot when I arrived. Fortunately for me, the city did not disappoint. The architecture, […]

Mikaela Explores South Korea!

Mikaela Thoutenhoofd is currently studying at the Pusan National University in Busan, South Korea. She is currently studying in South Korea for one semester and states that studying abroad has helped her become more confident and independent and appreciate the value of learning more than one language. Some of Mikaela’s most memorable experiences include her […]

East of Germany

by Tanya Vanpraseuth  Although I did not spent too much time in Germany, I was still amazed by its beauty. We spent some time within the countryside, experiencing a ride through the water and seeing the beautiful buildings, castles, and nature. I was amazed by the simplicity of the area. It felt quite peaceful and […]

Exploring Holland

by Tanya Vanpraseuth Holland, a region within The Netherlands, had been one of the most beautiful places I had visited. However, the country’s beauty was unlike the beauty I had seen in Paris and London. Paris and London are known for their exquisite architecture, whereas Holland had a more simplistic beauty, the type of beauty […]

A Weekend in England

by Tanya Vanpraseuth London, otherwise known as “The Big Smoke,” is set on the River Thames and home to famous sights such as Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye. This infamous city had been one I have been set on seeing since a young age. London had been the setting of many novels […]

Paris: The City of Love

by Tanya Vanpraseuth  I remember my first time visiting France. It was in July of 2016 and I was eighteen years old and had just completed my first year at UFV. This was my first time travelling abroad and I was excited to be able to finally visit a country that I had always wanted […]