Important Forms

Download and save each file before distributing via email (and filling electronically) or via print form. Except where specified, each form requires a signature from participants. Tour leaders are also required to fill out these forms.

Info These two forms are required from each student to participate in an international experience. The first form can double as an application form as well as to collect necessary travel information. The second form allows the student to know when and for what purpose their information will be used.

Download UFV Student Information Form.
Download UFV Freedom of Information Consent.

Signature The following two forms require information to be added by the group leader before being distributed to the students. It is recommended to provide each student with both forms a few days before one of the pre-departure meetings so that they may take their time to understand what they will be signing and write down any questions they may have. In addition, these two forms require witness signatures from a UFV employee and are therefore best to be signed/witness-signed at a pre-departure meeting.

If you are travelling to a destination with a medium to high travel, medical, or security risk, please email for a High Risk Country Travel Waiver.

Download International Travel Statement of Risks and Terms of Travel
11.Intl travel waiver Assumption of Risks

phone The Emergency Contact Information form is for each student to fill out and give to their designated emergency contact. UFV will NOT keep a copy of this form and a signature is not required. Tour leaders should record the emergency contact name and phone number for each participant on the international experience.

Download Emergency Contact Information.