Getting Started

The following documents combine to create your proposal package. Submit this package to your Department Head/Director and Dean for initial approval. Download and save each file before filling electronically.

Globe The International Experience Proposal and Approval form is the first step in organizing a study tour or international internship. We recommend starting the proposal process two semesters in advance of the start date. The bulk of the work will be front-loaded in the proposal worksheet and the purpose is to obtain a clear vision of the experience from travel logistics to budgeting to course outlines. Your Department Head/Director and Dean will provide proposal approval.
Download the International Experience Proposal and Approval form
Riskassessment Please conduct a thorough risk assessment that is directly related to the country you are visiting and the activities you will engage in. Although accidents and/or natural disasters cannot be entirely avoided, UFV is committed to reducing risk for its employees and students wherever possible. Please use the Global Affairs Canada and International SOS websites to assist you. To obtain UFV’s ISOS membership number please contact Kara
Download Risk Assessment.
Finance Please email Kara for a Proposed Project Budget excel worksheet. You can then work with your department’s designated financial liaison in the Finance office for final budget approval.
 Information Your final schedule should include a detailed daily itinerary of activities, local contact information if applicable (name, phone numbers), accommodation, travel company information, information, modes of transportation, etc. Your initial proposed schedule may lack some details but should be complete when obtaining final approval from your Dean.
Download Schedule Template.