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Martin Muermann in Germany

What do an Australian, an Englishman, and a Pole have in common?

My name is Martin Muermann and I am a fourth year science student at UFV. I just returned from a semester abroad in Muenster, Germany. There, I completed an overseas internship focusing on cell biology research in one of the most bike-friendly regions in all of Europe. I spent many days cycling across various cities […]

New blog editor’s life never the same after bug bites

Early in my school life, I was infected with the travel bug. That’s why, on my first day at UFV, I went right to UFV International to meet with Jag Deol, UFV Study Abroad coordinator, to learn about our partner universities, and see where Study Abroad could take me.  Two years later, I found myself […]

Study in Austria: Online Application for Ernst March Grant is now open

Are you looking into studying abroad to Austria? The online application for the Ernst Mach Grant for studying at an Austrian university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule) for the next academic year 2014/15 is open now! The Deadline is March 1st 2014. Check out this website for more details: Or you can e-mail our Study Abroad […]

UFV girls in Poznań

During my recent trip back to Poznań, Poland, where I studied abroad last year, I had the opportunity to make more lasting memories.  One of the most striking highlights was standing on the outskirts of an impromptu mosh pit, exchanging concerned yet amused glances with Maz, a fellow UFV, Study Abroad student. Maz is currently studying […]

Learning to breathe

Just one year ago, I studied abroad in Poland at the University of Arts in Poznań, where I learned one of life’s discreet, but vital, secrets. In Poznań, there is a large city park called Cytadela.  On sunny days, in April, I would walk with an assortment of my friends from the dormitory to this […]