Maaria’s Never Ending Adventure in Prague

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We were able to chat with one more student before the end of year about there experience studying abroad. We talked with Maaria who is in her 3rd year of criminology at UFV. She is studying at Anglo American University (AAU) in Prague, Czech Republic, just like Jennifer who we interviewed a while back. Maaria chose to study in Prague because it was one of her favourite cities. She also notes that it is also a very economical choice, student friendly, as well as in the heart of Europe, making travelling easier. She also reports that she chose AAU because she could take many classes that would count toward her degree.

She comments that there were some hurtles, such as figuring out what classes to take, budgeting, and learning how to live in a new country. However, through the support of the UFV Study Abroad Team and lots of research herself, she was able to deal with these hurdles and feel comfortable studying abroad.

Maaria reports that her daily life in the Czech Republic consists of 4 classes, Monday through Wednesday, giving her a long weekend every week so she can travel, study, or do any other activities she desires. Maaria also says she is part of the university yoga club and cooking club, which allows her to meet new people while doing something fun. She remarks that she “enjoys all the student life that Prague has to offer”!

When asked what her favourite experience so far has been, she replies that there are “Too many to count! The lovely people I met here In Prague, and my experiences travelling around Europe, like going to Oktoberfest in Munich, and a weekend in Croatia” were some of her favourites. She notes that the language barrier was a little bit of an issue at first, but going a out of her comfort zone helped her and it’s not an issue for her anymore. Maaria reflects that Prague is really multicultural hub and travelling and living is so much cheaper and easier than she expected it would be. She comments that she “thought I might run out of things to do or places to see in this city, but the list is really never ending!”




Maaria’s advice to prospective study abroad students is “Don’t be afraid to try new things, branch out and go out of your comfort zone! Remember to balance having fun and your student life and take opportunities as you get them, you never know where it may lead you”!


~If you would like to study abroad in the Czech Republic like Maaria, or any other location, go to the ‘contact us’ section of the blog and we’ll get you started on your own adventure!~

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