UFV Through Peter’s Lens

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The other day we sat down and talked with Peter, an exchange student at UFV, about his experience studying so far. Peter is originally from China, yet moved to Japan when he was in high school, and is now a student at Kindai University in Japan. His major is international communications with a focus on English, so studying abroad is a great way for him to utilize his skills every day, as well as take classes that he wouldn’t be able to at his home university.

At his home university, students in his program have to study abroad as part of their degree. To fulfill those requirements he studied abroad in Oklahoma City in the US. He notes that he thoroughly enjoyed this experience and when he returned to Japan he wanted to study abroad again. When looking at schools to study abroad at he had many options, but he chose UFV because  it is a good quality university, is close to nature, and has a large selection of classes in communications, which he states isn’t always available at all university.

At UFV Peter is taking communications and photography classes. Peter states that his passion is photography, so having classes in this medium with knowledgeable professors has helped him improve his craft. He says his teachers have helped him pursue his dreams, offering him work on campus as the photographer for UFV intramural sports events. He notes that teachers trust you and give you freedom and flexibility to accomplish the task at hand. This allows him to take a creative approach in his work, and ultimately help him become a better photographer. To get a sense of Peter’s photography, please take a look at all the pictures in this post, they are all his originals!

Peter commented that some of his favourite memories at UFV so far have been going on many trips with friends to beautiful location such as Whistler, Seattle, and Lindeman Lake. He says that part of the fun of those experiences was going with people from all over the world, and not only learning about Canadian culture, but other international student’s culture as well.

In conclusion we asked Peter if he had any recommendations for future students studying abroad at UFV. In regards to specifics, he recommended living on campus in Baker House because it is a good way to make friends.  He remarks that it can be difficult at time, with the possibility of interpersonal communications issues to occur, but then learning from the miscommunications is a good experience.  More generally, he advises to “make friends, take trips, make sure not to get too tired, and most importantly have fun!”

~If you would like to study abroad at UFV like Peter, or are a UFV student that would like to study abroad at in another country like Peter, go to the ‘contact us’ section of the blog and we’ll get you started on your own adventure!~

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