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The other day we chatted with Sofia, an exchange student from Scotland, who is currently studying abroad here at UFV. She is studying international business management at her home university of Robert Gordon University, located in northeastern Scotland. Sofia was born in the US and also lived in Sweden, so she has experienced living internationally before. She notes that she lived on the west coast of the US, which is very similar to west coast Canada, making it easy for her to adjust to life in Canada.

Sofia shares that she wanted to study abroad because she knows firsthand how beneficial traveling and living abroad can be. She choose to study at UFV because she wanted to be close to Vancouver and family, yet not live in the city. Furthermore she wants to settle down in Canada in the future so studying abroad here is a good way to start building connections as well as spend time with family that lives here.

Sofia says that life at UFV has been wonderful so far. She notes that she is taking business law, organizational behaviour, non-profit management and new business development, where she has made many friend, which makes classes even more enjoyable. In her spare time she often goes into Vancouver to spend time with her family.

When asked what her favourite memory she has made so far she replied that in regards to a specific memory she really loved a cooking class that was offered at Baker House for all the residents. But in general she has loved learning about a new country as well as being closer to family.

In closing we asked her if she had any advice for students studying abroad. She recommended that students “Take the opportunity. You learn so much about others and even more about yourself. UFV has ample opportunities and anyone can do it! It’s tough at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll get the travel bug!”

~If you would like to study abroad at UFV like Sofia, or are a UFV student that would like to study abroad at in another country like Sofia, go to the ‘contact us’ section of the blog and we’ll get you started on your own adventure!~

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