Mikaela Explores South Korea!

Mikaela Thoutenhoofd is currently studying at the Pusan National University in Busan, South Korea. She is currently studying in South Korea for one semester and states that studying abroad has helped her become more confident and independent and appreciate the value of learning more than one language.

Some of Mikaela’s most memorable experiences include her trip to Daegu, which is north of Busan, to see the lantern festival where hundreds of lanterns floated into the air. Mikaela also shares a variety of activities that she enjoyed, including shopping and night where she recommended the Seomyeon. Mikaela states that the Seomyeon is a popular area for shopping and underground markets, including unique cafes and escape rooms.

Visiting the beaches in South Korea was also a favourite activity of Mikaela’s. She states that Haeundae beach is the most popular amongst tourists due to its beauty, white sand, and sandcastle festivals. Gwangalli beach is also a popular beach with a hiking trail. However, if you are seeking a less populated beach, Mikaela states that Dadaepo beach would be the one to visit. Though she states that her favourite beach was the Taejongdae as she enjoyed walking to the cliff side to overlook the ocean.

Overall, Mikaela has experienced a multitude of memorable activities, gained more knowledge about Korean language and culture, formed valuable friendships while studying abroad.

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