East of Germany

by Tanya Vanpraseuth 

Although I did not spent too much time in Germany, I was still amazed by its beauty. We spent some time within the countryside, experiencing a ride through the water and seeing the beautiful buildings, castles, and nature.

I was amazed by the simplicity of the area. It felt quite peaceful and was a different atmosphere from other cities I had visited in Europe. It felt like one of those settings you’d see in a movie based in Europe during the olden days. Or a scene out of a history novel.

We visited two cities: Trier and Cologne. Although they were a bit quieter and less busy than cities such as Paris and London, the architecture was beautiful.


Buildings, especially cathedrals, were large and intricately designed both on the outside and within. One of my favourite cathedrals was the one we visited in Cologne.

Another popular attraction I enjoyed was the Porta Nigra within Trier which is a large Roman city gate. Today, it is the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps. The name “Porta Nigra” originated from the Middle Ages and was built in grey sandstone between 186 to 200 AD. In Roman times, it was a part of a system of four city gates, one of which stood at each side of Roman city, with the Porta Nigra beign the northern entrance to the city. In 1986, the Porta Nigra was designated a World Heritage Site, along with other Roman monuments.

I had learned a bit about Germany’s history throughout school and it was interesting to finally be able to visit the country itself. However, we weren’t there for long and there are many more cities and attractions that I would like to visit in the future. I hope to be able to visit Germany again and learn more about the country.

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