An Asian Excursion – Featuring Danay

Danay Robinson is a keen #UFVExplorer, pursuing not one but two UFV study abroad opportunities, and in not one but TWO different Asian countries. Danay is pursuing her BGS degree here at UFV, and is currently in her fourth year. Photography, hiking, and Netflix are a few of Danay’s interests, and a passion for travel pushed her over the great pond and into Asia. “I have always loved travelling and this felt like a great way to challenge myself and discover new places, while still working towards graduation”, she says.
And who doesn’t love a challenge?

Why Asia, you might ask, and why Korea and Singapore? Korea was chosen since it is a prospective country for work in her future and Danay was curious to check it out. Singapore was chosen for “its reputation as a clean and safe city and its location – very close to other countries in South East Asia I want[ed] to visit.”

The endeavor of studying abroad at not one but two international institutions spurred my question into Danay’s experience with the application process: what challenges she experienced, and advice she can offer to future #UFVExplorers. “I love to travel so the decision wasn’t hard for me. However, it took a lot of research and paperwork to get things organized. Since I participated in both a Korea and Singapore program there were three schools involved. It took a long time to prepare but was so worth it. UFV’s Study Abroad team was great at helping with the process.” Danay shared. Also, nervousness is a normal feeling for those who decide to study abroad, but personal growth and new opportunities cannot be shied away from while abroad: “the friends and memories you make can last a lifetime!”, she exclaims. Hey, that’s good enough for me!

If you are considering attending school in either Korea or Singapore, Danay encourages you to not worry about not making friends, or not being welcomed. “I was surprised how easy it was to make friends, especially with other exchange students. Local students are also very friendly and curious. Don’t be worried about not knowing anyone if you decide to study abroad – I found it’s even easier to make friends here than in my home university!”


~~If these encouraging and exciting anecdotes don’t convince you to go on an adventure you’ve been dreaming of, come on in and let us know how we can help! Let’s bust those #studyabroadmyths in your mind and send you packing. You’ll be glad you did. Thank you, Danay, for sharing your experiences!~~

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