Chile to Abbotsford

From Chile to Abbotsford, Diego has experienced quite the exchange at the University of the Fraser Valley. Why Canada? Did you come alone? Would you recommend it? Diego answers these questions and so much more!

On Why

I’m in the Agriculture program and have always wanted to explore other countries, cultures and languages, but not as a tourist. There weren’t many options for exchanges and my family has ties to Montreal so Canada was an easy choice.

On Arriving Alone

I actually had friends who wanted to come with me to UFV, but I told them to go a different time so that I could experience it on my own. I’m fiercely independent which is both good and bad. I greatly enjoy spending time alone with my books or doing photography at Mill Lake. In Chile, everyone is much closer within family and friends so it is drastically different here. There’s a lot of free time here as well which is enjoyable, but the longer I’m here the more things I discover to do.

On A Negative Experience

I don’t have any very close friends yet, so sometimes I can feel alone. With classes and activities it’s not very often and I don’t mind spending that time with my books!

On A Positive Experience
I have always lived with family so having the freedom to decide when to wake up, go to bed, eat meals and leave the house has been incredible. Managing my time and making my own decisions for sleeping and studying has been amazing.

On The Culture

Canada is extremely welcoming and warm. It’s an inclusive country which doesn’t judge or look down on people that are different. It is quite different than back home and I’ve really enjoyed being here and experiencing life in Canada and the culture.

On Other Students Considering To Study Abroad

It’s a difficult experience, but is amazing and will ensure you grow a lot. Not just academic experience, but also life experience. I would highly recommend studying abroad. And if you come to Canada, make sure you don’t come in the winter since its very cold compared to Chile!

Diego is a student from Chile studying abroad at UFV Abbotsford.

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