Fine Tuning Fine Arts in Poland

A Fine Arts student who lived the dream in Poznan studying painting, drawing and more.

On Why

I really wanted to diversify my education and gain from a new teaching perspective. I also felt spiritually led. I had been connected with a UFV alumnus who had gone to Poznan before and we were able to communicate online-she was an immense aid.

On Classroom Expectations

It was extremely different as there weren’t necessarily painting courses, but you were assigned to an instructor and he or she would teach you through their style for the year. The instructors were not keen to compliment and very quick to critique. I remember that on my last piece I submitted for one of my professors, he looked at it and plainly said: “first good drawing”.

On Accommodations

Living in dorms consisted of plenty of people, but not many of them seemed overly interested in excelling in their classes. This was distracting at times, but I met some really good friends in dorms as well, so it’s a mixed bag. I actually would not stay in dorms if I went again, but I would encourage anyone who goes to Poznan to experience at least one semester inside of them.

On Trains

The trains are a fantastic way to see Europe. They are easy, quick and don’t require the same security time as airports.

On Scholarships

Apply for as many scholarships as you find! I received Canadian government and UFV scholarships to cover the entire cost of my time abroad. There are field specific scholarships (for me it was fine arts) and they are not difficult ones for which to qualify.

On Recommendations

Study Abroad if you can. Take lots of courses and make the most out of them. Learn the language when you arrive in order to be better immersed with the culture and the locals. Even a small amount of knowledge in the language can make a world of difference.

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