“Canada is one of the most multicultural nations in the world” – Mayu Fukuda, Japan

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Today’s post will be about a Japanese student named Mayu Fukuda who came on exchange from Chuo University to UFV. We both exchanged at the same time to each other’s university so we didn’t actually meet each other until January 2017 and again when she came back to Japan in May. I asked her a few questions to describe her experience here at UFV and in Canada so please enjoy!


What’s your name/major/year?


-Mayu Fukuda/ Business / 4th year

Why did you choose to study at UFV?


-I chose UFV because I wanted to study abroad in Canada because Canada is one of the most multicultural nations in the world. I’m very interested in Canada, because many languages are spoken, and hundreds of cultures coexist there.

Among them the reason why I chose UFV was I would like to study there because I wanted to have some experiences various cultures and languages while learning there.


How was your experience at UFV? Describe your favorite experience from UFV. What was the most challenging aspect of studying in UFV or Canada.


-My experience at UFV was really amazing. My favorite experience was joining Japanese Culture Club. We had movie night, Japanese food, Yukata event…and so on. All of them were fun. But the most important thing for me was talking with people who are interested in Japan. I hope if I could help them to know about Japan more.

And the most challenging aspect of studying in UFV was my Business Class.

In this class, I studied Canadian Business and we made the thesis and group presentation. We researched about Air Canada business. Even though it was hard to discuss business things in English sometimes, it was good experience for me.



Do you have any tips for any prospective international students who wish to study at UFV?


– I recommend you to live in Baker House (the international dormitory at UFV) if you would study at UFV. Of course home stay is also nice. Through my experience, (Even It was first time for me to live in the international dormitory) living in Baker House was the most precious memory for me in Canada. I got a lot of friends from all over the world and it was really fun to talk, go out, and spend time together. I have lots of amazing memories with my friends in Baker house. And it was not only fun, sometimes I had really difficult moments. And then I noticed I could not survive alone; my gentle friends helped me so much. If they were not there, it was even harder. I appreciate it so much.


How about your home university? Would you recommend domestic UFV students to study abroad to your university? If so, why?


I came from Chuo University in Japan. And I strongly recommend you to study abroad to my university because Chuo University is one of the biggest and most famous in Japan. You can enjoy Japanese university life in huge campus, and with beautiful nature. But more importantly we have an amazing place for international student to enjoy their studying abroad in Japan. That is called “G-Square”. It is the cross-cultural exchange space on the Chuo. I was a staff there and we organized a lot of events for both Japanese and international exchange students to be able to meet and communicate to each other.

If you come to Chuo, I’m sure you can make a lot of friends, and they are going to help your Japanese too and have fun with your Japanese life.



Lastly: Would you ever wish to come back (Vacation, Study, or even live here)  to Canada? Why or why not?


I would like to come back to Canada, because I really love my experience there and the beautiful nature, the atmosphere, foods, and especially friends whom I met in Canada. I’m planning to come back during vacation soon but hopefully I want to get job and live there in the future.


If there’s anything else you would like to add, that would be great.

Study abroad in Canada has come to an end and I already returned to Japan. I miss my life in Canada and friends so much.

These 8 months had passed very quickly, but though these moments I learned a lot, not only English and Canadian Business but also various values through my friends in Canada. So glad to meet such amazing people in Canada. I really enjoyed life in Canada thanks to them. I always felt like they were family especially in Baker house. I really hope I can see people whom I met in Canada.

If you want to study abroad, you should try! I’m sure you will have some precious experience there.




Thank you so much. 


Mayu Fukuda

From Chuo University, Japan


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