“You’re guaranteed to have a great time!”- Connor Erhardt

Name: Connor Erhardt

Study Abroad: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (Winter 2017)

Connor Erhardt is a third year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Psychology at UFV. He is currently studying Psychology at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Studying abroad has always been something that Connor wanted to experience since he was in high school. I had always initially been pushed away from applying to study abroad as I had always thought that there was no way I’d be able to afford such a trip. But through the scholarship programs at UFV, the trip was very easily doable with almost no setbacks!” Connor says.

Being one of the first students to come study at Nanyang Technological University from UFV, Connor highly recommends it. Singapore is a great city and a fantastic central hub to all sorts of great cultural experiences in South East Asia. Weekend trips to neighboring countries has filled his time with fun experiences, whether they be riding scooters through the volcano mountains of Indonesia, or snorkeling in the gorgeous reefs of Thailand. Singapore is also a really easy city to get around. The public transportation systems are great and easy to use and everything is within about a 30-45 minute MRT ride.

Nanyang Technological University is an amazing school and it is ranked as one of the top universities in the world. “It was a bit of a shock coming here to find out how huge the campus actually was, but after a week I found my way around with the help of my Singaporean roommate. I was fortunate enough to get into the dormitory on campus which so far has been an awesome experience, and the canteens on campus are delicious and cheap!” Connor states. “The staff here ensure you that they are here to help you, and they make it really easy to ease your way into your new life in Singapore,” Connor adds.

 Coming from Vancouver, the most challenging thing that Connor has come across was the heat. “I didn’t quite realize how humid and hot Singapore was until I arrived at 2am and walked outside of the airport into a face full of 30°c weather. Whenever people ask me what it’s like from home, I initially compared it to the jungle room at the aquarium in Vancouver, but as the weeks went on I eventually got used to it,” Connor explains. He also had a little trouble getting used to a different school system for course selections in the beginning of the semester but his awesome roommate Seth helped him out.

Studying in a different country has been amazing according to Connor. “I have enjoyed the class selection available at NTU for psychology. The classes offered here are a bit different compared to home, but they have all been quite interesting nonetheless. All my professors are awesome, and their styles of teaching have been great. I’m currently only halfway through my study abroad trip, but so far studying in Singapore has been great and I look forward to traveling to more countries in Asia!” Connor says.

Here is Connor’s advice to students who are thinking about studying abroad:

“If you plan to come to Singapore, make sure you bring lots of shorts and t-shirts as you won’t really need much else (unless you plan to go clubbing). My advice for anyone considering studying abroad would be to just do it! If you have any sort of doubts, put them aside, you’re guaranteed to have a great time meeting all sorts of people from all around the world. The whole process of applying through UFV’s great study abroad program was quite easy and before you know it, you’re on a plane to the other side of the world with all sorts of adventures ahead of you.”

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