“I loved my time [in Quebec] and will cherish my memories and world-wide friendships forever”- Bree Lang

Name: Bree Lang

Study Abroad: Université Laval, Quebec (Fall 2016)

Bree Lang graduated in December 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in French from UFV. However, after she graduated, she didn’t find the success she wanted in the job market. Therefore, she reapplied to UFV as a continuing education student with the plan to go on an exchange to Université Laval in Quebec City. She decided to do the exchange because she wanted a change of environment and to continue her French education.

The exchange with Laval is a fairly new program and is particularly set up for students who are studying French. Bree studied at Laval from September to December in 2016 during which she made many friends and developed excellent relationships with her professors.

Bree shares with us her experience living in Quebec and studying at Université Laval:

Quebec is a very beautiful city, full of culture and charm. Université Laval is only a 15 to 20 minute bus ride from the historic city. It is well established in the community and has a wonderful multicultural student-body. At Laval, I met many foreign students (UK, Spain, France, Italy, Kenya, DR Congo, Germany, Columbia, and Brazil) as well as many Québécois students. I loved my time there and will cherish my memories and world-wide friendships forever.

As far as accommodations go, I ended up living in an apartment off campus with a French roommate which worked out wonderfully. I walked to school or took the bus when the weather was bad or I rode my bike. I didn’t encounter many challenges during my exchange as my French level was quite good going into the exchange. If you plan on going studying in Quebec, I would recommend your French language be well developed because everything is in French!

Although I didn’t study in another country, I will never forget my Québécois experience as it was very different from my life here in BC. If you are thinking of studying abroad or just going across the country, I highly recommend it! Go Go Go! Though it may be awkward at first, but you will quickly form new friendships and your eyes will open to all the amazing things that new experiences, people, and place have to offer. In addition, I would recommend staying on campus if possible as it is easier to make fiends and is much more convenient. Many of the friends I met were through friends who lived on campus. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

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