From UFV to Mexico: an inspiring start

Makaela Peters, a student in the UFV Global Development program, is currently in Mexico to open up study abroad opportunities for UFV students. Her very first day is a whirl of mummies, music, and star-crossed lovers. Follow her adventures on the Study Abroad blog.

El Callejon del Beso, or "Kiss Alley"

El Callejon del Beso, or “Kiss Alley”

“We arrived in Guanajuato early Wednesday morning, and Monica, a UFV student with family here in the city, accompanied us from the airport to the hotel. On the way, we wound through the traditional city’s curving cobblestone streets, traveling several blocks in the underground tunnel system before arriving at the Hotel Meson del Rosario.

We had a full day! A prominent highlight of the day was all the walking we did through the city, with its colonial architecture and grand cathedrals. We also toured the Mummy Museum — a somewhat sobering experience, but packed with history, visited the main campus of the University of Guanajuato as well as the language school facilities, and hit up a few tourist sites. The most memorable site for me was ”El Callejon del Beso” (The Alley of the Kiss): it’s the site of a legend of two star-crossed lovers that promises 15 years of good luck to couples that kiss under its balconies. I politely refused the free kisses offered by various spectators. What a friendly culture!

Language School Campus

Language School Campus

My first day in Guanajuato ended with a band of musicians leading us through the city’s streets and places of interest, serenading us with Spanish and Mexican music in strong voices alongside sweet-sounding strings, including mandolins, guitars, and a stand-up bass.
I have to admit, my favourite part of the trip thus far (not even two days in!) is my growing comfort level with conversing in Spanish. My companion, Teresa Arroliga-Piper, head of the Spanish department and of our excursion, speaks exclusively in Spanish, and of course the friendly people we meet are immersing me in their language and culture as well. I look forward to deepening my grasp of this beautiful language as I continue to participate in its equally beautiful daily life.”

– Makaela

Supported by a grant from UFV International’s internationalization fund, UFV’s senior Spanish Language faculty member, Ms. Teresa Piper, and UFV Spanish language student, Makaela Peters, are currenly visiting Mexico to develop study abroad partnerships and open doors to offer a new minor in Spanish at UFV.

Makaela and Ms. Teresa Piper will visit Tecnológico de Monterrey, including their campus in Querétaro , and other post-secondary institutions. Look forward to upcoming posts documenting their travels as ambassadors and promoters of the UFV Spanish program. 

Language School library

Language School library

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