UFV girls in Poznań

During my recent trip back to Poznań, Poland, where I studied abroad last year, I had the opportunity to make more lasting memories.  One of the most striking highlights was standing on the outskirts of an impromptu mosh pit, exchanging concerned yet amused glances with Maz, a fellow UFV, Study Abroad student.

Maz is currently studying at the Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU), one of UFV’s partners and one of the largest universities in Poland.  “I love this school!” she reports.  “All of my teachers are great, the class sizes are small so you can make friends easily and you can get to know the professors. It’s a bit more formal than in UFV because we don’t call our professors by their first names; it’s always Dr. or Professor.”  Maz goes on to describe, “The buildings that we have classes in are stunning –– the Morasko campus is new and modern, while the city-center buildings are historic and beautiful.”

In the first week of May, AMU hosts a Juwenalia BBQ and concert featuring multiple Polish bands.  At this event, I met with Maz and her friends.  We sat on the campus green among the mass crowd of students from all the universities in the city beneath a blue sky on the verge of melting into multiple shades of pastel.  With the smell of sausages lingering in the air, we added to the buzz of the crowd as we chatted about life in Poznań, home, and living abroad.

“I would say mostly that traveling and meeting new people is what I’ve been enjoying most about studying abroad –– not so much the studying!” Maz says with a laugh.  “I’ve met a lot of people and travel with my close friends.  It’s great to learn about Europe from people who live here and hear stories from Europeans who have traveled throughout Europe.  It’s a lot different than hearing stories solely from North Americans.”

After our catching up, we made our way to the stage where a local rock band was playing called Skrzydlaści or SDC.  Maz considered joining the mosh pit of long-haired, thick-armed, sweaty, rock enthusiasts who were sporting an array of black band t-shirts, but eventually decided against it as she was wearing a skirt that would not look so well sprawled on the ground.

For me, this experience was refreshing.  It felt incredible to finally talk to someone who could relate to my Study Abroad experience more closely, even though we  lead our own unique adventures abroad and studied at different universities.  Maz has many more travel plans and international ventures lined up before she arrives back to Canada in the summer.

In Maz’s words, “I would stay here forever if I could!”


Maz and Renee at AMU's Juwenalia BBQ event

Maz and Renee at AMU’s Juwenalia BBQ event

If you are considering Study Abroad and want to learn more about Adam Mickiewicz University and what they offer, visit their website and watch their promotional video online.

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