Upcoming workshops on internationalization

The British Columbia Council For International Education (BCCIE) offers a Professional Development Series for the faculty members and staff of BC’s universities and colleges. BCCIE recognizes the critical value of keeping abreast of international trends, building best practise approaches, and encouraging skills acquisition across the sector at the practitioner level.

Faculty can take part in the two following internationalization workshops, offered on April 25, 2013,  at Simon Fraser University (SFU) – Harbour Centre, in Vancouver:

Education Comprehensive Internationalization: Faculty Engagement, the Critical Factor

How can we “reframe” internationalization as a critical academic endeavour for the 21st century?

Comprehensive internationalization must involve faculty and administrators.  Yet, how can we align internationalization initiatives with the already demanding careers of academics to teach, research, and publish?  Why do some faculty resist internationalization?  This session invites administrators and international education personnel to consider effective strategies for faculty engagement in internationalization initiatives. Systems thinking, change theory and innovation will form the basis for presentation, activities, and discussion.  A review of current research and strategies endorsed by our Australian, US, and European colleagues will provide participants with examples and practical frameworks for encouraging faculty to consider embracing the opportunities that internationalization has to offer.

Takeaways for attendees:

  • Understanding resistance
  • Strategies for engagement
  • Summary of recent research
  • Resource list

Culture and Change in the Classroom: Challenges and Solutions for Effective Intercultural Education

How are the changing demographics in our classrooms impacting our existing approaches and strategies to effectively engage students?

This workshop invites educators to consider how the changing demographics in our classrooms require new approaches and strategies. Established intercultural frameworks can offer educators new perspectives to develop inclusive teaching strategies for culturally diverse learners.  This session will review theoretical frameworks in the context of teaching and learning environments and invite educators to share and consider effective approaches to the challenges of participation, communication, multicultural group work, academic integrity, and assessment.  Strategies generated from similar sessions at other institutions will be shared with participants post workshop.

Takeaways for attendees:

  • Enhanced understanding of cultural preferences in teaching and learning
  • Inclusive pedagogy
  • Strategies to enhance participation and group work
  • Strategies to encourage academic integrity

To attend these events, register online before Tuesday, April 23

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