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Renée Hartwig, Blog Coordinator for UFV Study Abroad

Renée Hartwig, Blog Coordinator for UFV Study Abroad

In Fall 2012, UFV sent 29 students to study abroad in Switzerland, Poland, Australia, Japan, Sweden, China, Korea, Germany, Ireland the Netherlands and the UK.  In addition, twenty one exchange students have arrived to study at UFV from Japan, France, Korea, Switzerland, Australia, the Dominican Republic, the UK, the Netherlands and the West Indies. In Winter 2013, another ?? went out, and ?? came in.

This blog was created to publish these students’ stories, photos, and reflections. To inspire, challenge, and create connections. And to act as a resource for all  students, faculty, or staff who will one day go on an adventure to study or teach abroad.

To coordinate this blog and publish study abroad stories, we are pleased to welcome Renée Hartwig. Renée went to study abroad in Poland in Winter 2012, where she took art classes and immersed herself in Eastern Europe’s rich cultural heritage. Since then, she has returned to UFV to complete a bachelor of arts in English and Visual Arts, and a Teaching English as a Second Language certificate. She has become involved with international activities on campus both as a volunteer and as UFV Study Abroad assistant.

Have a Study Abroad photo you’d like to post? Some thoughts you’d like to share? A great story waiting to be told? Send it to Renée.

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