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LIYSF Day 14: Goodbye (P)

Hi everyone, Today had fun moments, but had a melancholy undertone. We started the day with the “Participant’s Forum”, where a few representative students argued for and against three hot topics in science. Topics included “Should individuals or institutions get credit for research?”, “Should we fund research with no specific goal in mind?”, and “Is […]

LIYSF Day 13: Kings, Queens…and Karaoke (P)

Hi Everyone, I can’t believe that LIYSF is about to end. Well, I can…my body is very tired, but the weeks have flown by. I’ll definitely miss the new friends I’ve made, and hope to see them again someday. Today started with our final set of specialist lectures. I learned about emotional recognition in computers […]

LIYSF Day 12: Cambridge and Culture (P)

Hi Everyone, Today, I visited Cambridge. As is LIYSF tradition, we waited around for a while once we arrived. Impatient, we asked the staff what we were waiting for, and learned that we were waiting for tour guides. We complained, as we’d hoped to spend as much time exploring the city as possible. However, our […]

LIYSF Day 11: Space, Sports, and Screaming (P)

Hi Everyone, Today started with hearing from Mark McCaughrean of the European Space Agency (ESA). He described several missions from both the past and the future of the ESA. I found his summary of the Rosetta mission particularly intriguing. As you may have heard, the probe, Rosetta, flew near a comet, then dropped a second […]

LIYSF Day 10: Engineering, Chemistry, and the Cabaret (P)

Hi everyone, The days are starting to blur together now. Lack of sleep and constant activity is definitely reducing my ability to do…anything, really. Such as post blog posts on time. Or remember what happened on which day (I wrote a paragraph about the Culham Fusion Centre before realizing I’d already written about it) But […]

LIYSF Day 9: Fusion, Oxford, and Duct Tape (P)

Hi everyone, Today, I visited the Culham Fusion Centre. Unlike many Nuclear Fusion research centres, they accepted the joke that “Nuclear Fusion has been 30 years away for the last 60 years”. However, they provided an explanation: Material science is bottlenecking progress, not the underlying physics, so all we need is more engineers working on […]

LIYSF Day 8: Skits and Stuff (P)

Hi Everyone, My alarm failed to go off this morning, so I woke up at 8:30, when I needed to be fed and ready to go to a lecture. I threw on clothes and sprinted to the lecture, just making it on time. Later, I learned that other people had flat-out missed some of the […]

LIYSF Day 7: Space Stuff (P)

Hi Everyone, Today (yesterday?), I woke up far too early in the morning in order to visit Leicester. Fortunately, everyone else headed there agreed, so I spent the majority of the 2.5 hour bus ride asleep in relative quiet. Once we reached our destination, we piled out of the bus and visited the University of […]

LIYSF Day 6: Numberphile and the Great Crossword Treasure Hunt (P)

Hi everyone, Today was a very interesting day, but this post won’t be very long; I have to be awake at 5:00am tomorrow. I’ve also had to spend a significant amount of time this evening with a difficult UFV political situation; I’m not pleased that it has cropped up. Today started with joining a small […]

LIYSF Day 5: Stonehenge, Salisbury, Singing, and Sniping (P)

Hi Everyone, Today was full. First, we visited Stonehenge. Singing Aussies dominated the bus ride there, although once their bluetooth speaker died, I enjoyed some of the countryside. Stonehenge looked more or less as I’d expected – a gathering of stones. One of the stones looked somewhat like a winking face. It was impressive to […]