“Who’s Who in Science” featuring Dr. Lin Long, Engineering and Physics

Who’s who in Science …

Dr. Lin Long joined UFV in 2010. She is the Co-chair of the EPDM Program in the Physics Department. She teaches engineering courses in the EPDM program and first-year physics courses.

Lin LongPersonal

I grew up on an island surrounded by rivers in the middle region of China. My father was a high school teacher and my mother was a beekeeper. Every summer holiday during high school and even into university, I helped my parents harvest honey and royal jelly.

I received my BASc in Electrical Engineering at Chongqing University; Master’s degree in Applied Computer Technology at Wuhan University of Technology, and my PhD in Control Engineering from Zhejiang University.

What’s my favourite books and films? I don’t like to list them because depending on the circumstances I enjoy different books and films. I used to like science fiction and love stories but nowadays, I am a big fan of spy, detective, science fiction books and movies. If I had to name a few favourites, I would say I am fond of Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man.

UFV Life

After I immigrated to Canada, I wanted to continue my career in post-secondary teaching and engineering but at the time my English was very poor. I failed my first interview with the Physics Department at UFV in 2009. I didn’t give up. Instead, I sat in Professor Tim Cooper’s physics classes to learn technical English and improve my physics knowledge. In return, I offered to tutor his students. One semester later, I started to teach just first year physics labs as a sessional instructor. After my English improved, I began teaching physics lectures (Physics 111 and 112). At the same time, I was searching engineer opportunities in the local industries and luckily I got a position in engineering department of IMW Industries in Chilliwack in 2011. While working in the industry, I discovered that there were only Engineering Transfer and Trade Programs in the Fraser Valley but the demand for engineers/technologists was increasing. I thought UFV should have an engineering program to fill this gap. The department and I developed the Engineering Physics Diploma in Mechtronics (EPDM) program at UFV. With the approval of the EPDM program and a faculty position opening up in the Physics department, I was hired by UFV.

I am now an Associate Professor and Co-Chair of the EPDM program in the Physics department. My role is to teach both physics and engineering courses in addition to the service for the EPDM program, the Physics Department, Science Faculty and UFV. I am also interested in students involved in applied science related to agriculture automation and healthcare equipment.

I am very thankful to all the members in the physics department, Carmen Herman, Norm Taylor, Derek Harnett, Jeff Chizma, Peter Mulhern and especially Tim Cooper. They all have offered their support, encouragement, and generosity to me in many ways since I started working at UFV. Without them, I would not be here.

Lin Long _photoTeaching

Did I always know that I wanted to teach? Well, I didn’t think I would enjoy teaching until working as an electrical engineer at a motor manufacturing company in China for 7 years. In the late 1990s, the Chinese economy started to boom and many professors quit their university jobs and pursued higher rewarding jobs in industries and business. A family friend who was a professor at Wuhan University of Technology told me that the university was recruiting engineering instructors who had industry experience. I started to think it might be very interesting to share my knowledge and experience with potential future engineers so I applied for the job and got it! As time went by, I realized I enjoyed teaching very much.

At UFV I mostly teach engineering courses in the EPDM program, such as Circuit Analysis, Electronics, Automatic Control Theory and the Mechatronics Capstone Project Course in addition to some first year physics courses. I like the Capstone Course the most. It is not an easy course for the students and the instructor but it is more interesting, creative, and skills-oriented.

I find it very rewarding to see the students through the whole EPDM program: from the beginning with very limited knowledge on engineering and physics to the completion of this program with skills, knowledge, and confidence. It is especially rewarding when I see my students get employment after graduation.

What advice do I have for current and prospective students? Well post-secondary education is very important and valuable, but it is also costly and short. Looking back at my own university life and work experience and the observation of my own students, I would suggest that students use this opportunity wisely. This would include time management, making plans in advance, take time to talk to peers and professionals, get involved in campus events, join clubs and so on. Obtaining knowledge is important, but building different skills is also key for future careers and life.


The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Faculty of Science.

Science Rocks! The 2016 Aboriginal Youth Camp!

SR electricThere was so much fun had at the Science Rocks Aboriginal Youth Camp last week it would make your hair stand up!

24 kids from Grades 4 – 7 signed up for a week of fun activities and found out how cool science really is!

Thanks to Ian Affleck and our Science Rocks! Team Leaders, Rebecca, Ali, Valerie and our special volunteer for the week Holly for making yet another Science Rocks’ week fun and fabulous!

Be sure to check out the fun in our SCIENCE ROCKS! Flickr album! More photos to come!

For more information on Science Rocks! please visit our WEBSITE

AB Camp 2016.1AB Camp 2016.3AB Camp 2016.5AB Camp 2016.2SR all 7

There definitely isn’t grass growing under Biology student, Vivienne Beard’s feet!

Beard Genetics Conference4th year Biology student, Vivienne Beard, recently attended The Genetics Society of America’s (GSA) Allied Genetics Conference held in Orlando, Florida July 13-17, 2016. The Conference brought together seven different genetics research communities for a one of a kind event. The GSA members and leading scientists from around the world are selected to present their research findings at plenary, platform, and poster sessions.

There were the big things that made it excellent – the passionate speakers, the educational workshops, the scientists from around the globe … I feel extremely blessed to have had this opportunity, and I am so thankful for everyone that organized it (thank you GSA!), supported me with funding (thank you UFV!) and gave me the opportunity to do research in the first place (thank you Dr. James Bedard!)

I think that when people get together for an event like this, great things are bound to happen. Who knows what connections were made and what ideas were sparked that will bring new projects and discoveries to fruition in the upcoming years and decades!

Be sure to check out Vivienne’s Blog and read more about the Conference!

What’s next for Vivienne? Well, tomorrow she’s off to London, England to represent UFV at the 2016 London International Youth Science Forum!! She’ll be blogging her experience here: http://exploringscienceinlondon.blogspot.ca/

foot printsUFV science logo

UFV GATE Students and International Guests Sampling Fraser River as part of the Global Rivers Observatory Project


Madelaine Bourdages and Alanna Strangway demonstrating the art of water sampling

On Tuesday June 28, 2016, Steven Marsh and research students (current and former) met Senior Scientist Dr. Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink and guests at the rowing dock at Fort Langley to conduct their bi-monthly sampling of the Fraser River.  The guests included Carol Mayer (Curator Africa/Pacific of Enthnology/Ceramics), Skooker Broome (Manager Design, Museum of Anthropology, UBC), April Ingham (Director, Pacific Peoples Partnership),

Julia Paine (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Intern working with Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink and undergraduate University of Miami), Claytus Yambon (Village Councillor and artist, Korogo Village, Papua New Guinea), Nancy Wani (artist and bilum maker, Korogo Village, Papua New Guinea), Edward Dumoi (artist, Palembei Village, Papua New Guinea).

Alanna Strangeway demonstrating the use of the Lamotte 2020we turbidity meter

UFV students included Audrey Faber (UFV GATE Alumni), Madelaine Bourdages (UFV GATE and French major and current research assistant working with Steven Marsh), Alanna Strangway (UFV Gate major and current research student working with Steven Marsh), Donovan Toews (UFV GATE major).   Bernhard and the UFV students explained and demonstrated the sampling protocols used for the collection of water samples and water geochemistry data.  It is intended that our guests from Papua New Guinea will begin the time series sampling of the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea.

In addition, they are continuing with their sampling, Professor Marsh’s research students (Audrey Faber and Ellen Clemence) from last year traveled to Woods Hole and completed practicums.  They worked under the supervision of Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink analyzing there data from the Clayburn-Willband watershed.  They presented their research posters at the Annual Conference of the Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers hosted by UNBC in Prince George, at UFV Student Research day and at the Annual Conference of the American Association of Geographers held in San Francisco.

UFV students Alanna Strangway, Audrey Faber and Madelaine Bourdages

Audrey won an award for her poster at UFV Research Day.  This year he has two research students (Madelaine Bourdages and Alanna Strangway) that will be working on projects determining the past geochemistry of the Fraser  and sample for anthropogenic plastics in the Fraser.

UFV Geography and the Environment (GATE)

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The Faculty of Science Welcomes Scientists from Austral University of Chile

Drs Lee, Yanez, Carcamo

On July 20th we welcomed two distinguished scientists from Austral University of Chile, Drs. Alejandro Yañez and Guillermo Cárcamo from the Biochemistry and Microbiology Institute. Dr. Lee gave them the tour of the two campuses of UFV. They were in Canada attending the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology meeting at the Vancouver Convention Centre and were interested in collaborating with UFV, specifically with the research carried out by our Dean, Dr Lucy Lee. They took the opportunity to tour our facilities including our modern green house.

Drs Lee, Yanez, Carcamo 2UFV science logo

UFV Science, Arts and Professional Studies programs attain national accreditation

UFV Science

Article written by: Dave Pinton, Director of Communications – UFV Today July 19, 2016

A recent study indicates up to 95% of post-secondary students surveyed attend university to increase their earning potential and improve their odds of career success. The University of the Fraser Valley has taken another important step in helping students achieve these goals while assisting employers in hiring students with the right knowledge, skills, and experience.

Co-operative education (Co-op) programs in three areas of study at UFV are now nationally accredited by the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education (CAFCE).

The Cooperative Education programs in Arts, Professional Studies, and Science at UFV have all attained this accreditation.

“Let me congratulate the University of the Fraser Valley on its accreditation of the above programs,” said Karen Reimer, Chair CAFCE Accreditation Council. “We commend UFV for its ongoing leadership in Canadian co-operative education and adherence to the CAFCE criteria and standards of quality.”

UFV’s Co-op programs have demonstrated a standardized approach reflecting the rigorous process of evaluation set forth by CAFCE.

“We are very pleased to have earned this accreditation from CAFCE and know it will further assist UFV students in their pursuit of career and education-related goals and success,” says Jody Gordon, Vice President, Students and Enrolment Management at UFV. “We thank CAFCE for their diligence and their dedication to excellence in co-operative education.”

“Co-op placements not only let you try out a variety of roles and processes, but also bring about a culture shift from an educational environment to a workplace one,” says Richard Nair, who earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems in 2013 and now works as a senior solutions consultant at PowerPlan Inc. “UFV and the Co-op program have undoubtedly formed the cornerstone of my career thus far. The Co-op experience was the perfect way to put theory into practice and the experience I gained shaped my career and shaped me as a person.”

The benefits of Co-ops are not limited to students, notes Joan Wild, Regional Human Capital Advisor for MNP LLP.

“Co-op opportunities simply make sense! Students integrate their academics in a real work environment and learn to adapt and transition from student to employee. Employers benefit from help that, for MNP, this very often translates to long-term employment opportunities. We are committed to ensuring our co-op students have an experience that adds value, transfers back to the classroom, and supports their ability to make the right career decision. The Co-op programs at UFV are highly regarded throughout the Fraser Valley offices of MNP and we congratulate them on the accreditation.”

UFV joins the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria, and many other universities across Canada as members of CAFCE.


Science Rocks! Camp #3 – Things in our genes underway!

UFV is buzzing with the sounds of future scientists!

detective-152085_960_720-600x600Students in grades 4 – 7 who have registered for this week’s Science Rocks! camp will be taking part in activities involving mystery solving, forensics and finding out what’s in our genes!

Be sure to check out the fun from our past 2 weeks in our SCIENCE ROCKS! Flickr album!

Next week’s camp theme will focus on Things that glow! Campers will study interesting behaviours of light or even observe safe demonstrations using fire. There are a few spots still available so it’s not too late to register!

Camp #4Things that glow! July 25-29
Abbotsford Campus

Camp #5Amazing Activities! August 8-12
Chilliwack Campus (CEP)

For more information on Science Rocks! please visit our WEBSITE

Contact UsUFV-ScienceRocks.Thumb

Email: sciencerocks@ufv.ca

Robin Endelman, Co-ordinator
Phone: 1-888-504-7441, ext 4779


Meet the New Sustainability Coordinator Assistant, Travis Gingerich!

Travis GingerichThe Centre for Sustainability along with the Faculty of Science is pleased to announce that Travis Gingerich has taken over the reigns as the Sustainability Coordinator Assistant.

Travis has been attending UFV since 2013. His love of maps, mountains, and all things outside led him to pursue a BSc in Physical Geography. While at UFV he’s worked with Olav Lian in his Luminescence Dating Lab, taking samples up and down the BC coast, contributed to the SLG (Supported Learning Group) program as a mentor and leader for Geography 103, and advocated for a more sustainable institution through such green initiatives as the Centre for Sustainability’s Waste Audit in 2015.

Being outdoors, both for school and for pleasure, has formed within me a deep appreciation for our immense world of wonders, both large and small. Because of this, I hope to contribute in a meaningful way by keeping our use of resources at a sustainable level so future generations can continue experiencing the joys of nature in their purest forms.

Centre for Sustainability Contact Information:Teamwork 2016

Patrick Harrison, Chair of the Centre for Sustainability
1-888-504-7441 ext. 4348

Travis Gingerich, Sustainability Coordinator Assistant


CFS New Banner



Science Rocks! Summer Camp Goes off with a BANG!

19594712491_0d91bd7833_oPublic school is out for the summer so let the fun begin! UFV Science Rocks! Camp 1 welcomed our newest campers this morning.

Each day will include activities and demonstrations organized by our A+ science leaders! Over the course of the week, campers can expect to experience activities from Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics!

Registration is still open for Camps 2 – 5 so don’t miss out!

Camp 2: Things that stink! July 11-15 (Abbotsford Campus)

Camp 3: Things in our genes! July 18-22 (Abbotsford Campus)

Camp 4: Things that glow! July 25-29 (Abbotsford Campus)

Camp 5: Amazing Activities! August 8-12 (Chilliwack Campus)

For more details, visit:

Email: sciencerocks@ufv.ca

Robin Endelman, Co-ordinator
Phone: 1-888-504-7441, ext 4779

Undergraduate Research Excellence Awards 2016

May 2016, UFV presented 25 students with awards totalling over $19,000 and celebrated many other prestigious student research achievements.

The Faculty of Science would like to congratulate all of this year’s recipients. The following Science students were recognized for their accomplishments:

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA)

James plusGaganjeet Mahil, Biology
Faculty Researcher: Lucy Lee

Harsh Sidhu, Biology
Faculty Researcher: Lucy Lee

Abigail Sherwood Chemistry
Faculty Researcher: Noham Weinberg

Jordan Bryce, Geography & the Environment
Faculty Researcher: Olav Lian

Travis Gingerich, Geography & the Environment
Faculty Researcher: Olav Lian

James, Vivienne, AneetAward: AVP Research, Engagement & Graduate Studies $200
Vivienne Beard, Biology
Annotation of contig10 of the 3L chromosome of Drosophila elegans
Faculty Supervisor: James Bedard

Award: Dean, College of Arts $150
Audrey Faber, Geography & the Environment
Investigation into the possible effects of agriculture on the geochemistry of Willband Creek in Abbotsford, BC, Canada
Faculty Supervisor: Steven Marsh

Award: Dean, Faculty Science $150
27789793196_6616597f20_zRichelle Acreman & Katherine Flach, Biology
A reference atlas of thyroid histology of Pseudacris
Faculty Supervisor: Allan Arndt

Scholarship: Hakai Fellowship (2 Years) | $46,000
Jordan Bryce, Geography & the Environment
Faculty Researcher: Olav Lian

Industry Liaison Research Award $350 each
Jessica Davies, Raymond Nguyen, Aidan O’Reilly, Physics
Faculty Supervisor: Lin Long

Program Head: Jeff Chizma

27546136280_0e5895b0be_zFaculty of Science Award $1,000
Aneet Bains, Biology
Faculty Supervisor: James Bedard
Program Head: Allan Arndt

Faculty of Science Award $1,000
Miranda Louwerse, Chemistry
Faculty Supervisor: Noham Weinberg
Program Head: David Fenske

Awards Program “Growing Connections Inspiration

View slideshow of the 2016 student research projects

Photos from the awards dinner [HERE]

Looking for more information on the Undergraduate Research Excellence Awards please see [HERE]