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LIYSF 2015: Day 14 – The Journey Comes to an End

Today was the final day of the two week LIYSF adventure. After the opportunity to sleep-in and have breakfast, we had a participants forum, basically another debate session. However this time the debates were over very controversial topics, such as: use of nuclear power for the future, using pre-embryos for research, and whether science today […]

LIYSF 2015: Day 13 – Buckingham Palace!

This morning we had another set of specialist lectures, where everyone split up to attend certain lectures that particularly interested them. I attending a lecture by a recent PhD grad that did her work on the access to energy in developing countries. Her work focused on renewable solar energy, setting up infrastructure in certain homes […]

LIYSF 2015: Day 12 – Sunday Things

Today was another optional sightseeing day for us. I decided I needed a day with a bit of time to myself and didn’t end up joining the majority of members, who left very early this morning to bus to Stonehenge and Salisbury for the day. (From what I hear it was a very long trip, […]

LIYSF 2015: Day 11 – Lectures and Football

Today was yet another very full day! We started with a lecture in the morning from a younger man involved with inspiring science and science communication. He tries to teach the younger generations of science through new means, such as through a video series he hosts. Most interesting part of the presentation was having a […]

LIYSF 2015: Day 10 – Cabaret Evening!

I can’t believe it’s already Friday, this forum is just flying by! Today was a very full day. For the first time since arriving I managed a full night’s rest, and so felt more prepared for the day than in a while. We started off with specialist lectures. I had a lecture on nanomaterials and […]

LIYSF 2015: Day 9 – Trip to Oxford!

Today was the day I was looking forward to the most, a trip to the Oxford Biomedical Research Laboratories. We left early this morning for an hour and a half drive to Churchill Hospital. In order to beat the London rush hour traffic we arrived over an hour early. We then walked over to the […]

LIYSF 2015: Day 8 – Specialist Lectures

Today was a more ordinary day at LIYSF. We had the opprtunity to sleep in until 8:00am and got ready for specialist lectures based on what we chose before coming to London. I had a lecture on Dopamine and Deep Brain Stimulation which essentially examined the role of dopamine, and how we can use it […]

LIYSF 2015: Day 7 – UCL Mullard Space Science Research Lab

Today turned out to be a hidden gem in the schedule for this past week! I had signed up for the visit to UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory not knowing what to expect. We had to wake up a bit early today since the journey took us about an hour and a half outside of […]

LIYSF 2015: Day 6 – Largest Lasers in the World

This morning I started my day a little differently, with a jog around Hyde park which is located just north of where we are staying. I joined a few others in a jogging group, and this morning went out for a good run/walk with a young man named Kasper from Poland before breakfast. Today was […]

LIYSF 2015: Day 5 – Hampton Court Palace

Today was a fantastic day of sightseeing in Richmond, London! With a group of exactly 97 eager science people, we crowded onto the tube (London underground subway is great!) and then crammed ourselves into two buses for a good 45 minute ride to the Royal Hampton Court Palace! The long ride gave a great opportunity […]