Presidential Search Committee members selected

The 13 members of UFV’s Presidential Search Committee have been selected through the process outlined in the Procedures for Presidential Search. The members are:

  • The Chair of the Board, or the Chair’s designate, who will serve as the Presidential Search Committee Chair
    Randy Bartsch, First Vice-Chair, UFV Board of Governors
  • Two government-appointed members of the Board selected by the Board
  1. John Pankratz, Second Vice-Chair, UFV Board of Governors
  2. Len Goerke, UFV Board of Governors
  • One member of the senior executive team selected by the Board
    Jackie Hogan, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Administration
  • One senior academic administrator (Associate Vice-President, Dean, Associate Dean) selected by Senate
    Dr. Jacqueline Nolte, Dean, College of Arts
  • Three faculty members selected by Senate
  1. Dr. Garry Fehr, Associate Professor, Geography and the Environment, College of Arts;
    Director, Agriculture Centre of Excellence
  2. Dr. Robert Harding, Associate Professor, School of Social Work and Human Services,
    Faculty of Professional Studies
  3. Shelley Canning, Associate Professor, Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • One member of staff (FSA member or exempt) selected by Senate
    Liana Thompson, Director, Continuing Education, Faculty of Access and Continuing Education
  • Two students selected by the Student Union Society Executive
  1. Sukhdeep Brar, President-elect, UFV Student Union Society
  2. Derek Ward-Hall
  • One member of the Alumni Association selected by the Alumni Association
    Nik Venema, Board Chair, UFV Alumni Association

The Board of Governors wishes to thank the members above and the many others who put their names forward to serve on this selection committee. The committee’s first meeting will be in April.

How can you participate? All UFV students, staff, faculty, alumni, friends and community members are invited to attend one of the two Presidential Search Public Forums or to participate in the online survey, to share your views and help guide the search committee in their work. Find out more here.



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