UFV stands in solidarity against racism

The University of the Fraser Valley strongly condemns the racism and violence unfolding in the United States and we stand with those communities supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and those who peacefully demand justice and equality for racialized members of society. Xenophobia, hatred, and exclusion will not be tolerated at UFV.

When we see racism occur, we must not be arrogant and simply point across the border while believing racism does not happen here. Canada has long ignored our own issues of inequality and injustice within our society.

These events are painful reminders that, as individuals, and on a daily basis, we must continue to foster an environment of inclusivity, diversity, and understanding on our campuses and across our communities.

UFV will expedite the release of recommendations from our task force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion to ensure that our faculty and staff work, and students learn, in a more equal and inclusive environment. We will expand our plans for a community book study of So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo. We will invite community members into this discussion. We will also provide space and encourage groups like UFV’s Race Antiracism Network (RAN) to continue their fight against racism of all kinds.

In dark times, I’m confident UFV will shine light on acts of inclusion and equality. The University is looked on to lead in thought and action and so we must work daily towards a more equal and just future for our society and our country.