Fall 22 Faculty using Blackboard (myClass) & Kaltura (myMedia)

Blackboard Notice:
UFV successfully moved to Blackboard Ultra Base navigation on June 29th.  Ultra Base is a modern, intuitive navigation menu that lives outside of Courses. Ultra Base includes links to new pages such as the Activity Stream, Calendar, Messages and provides quick access to the most critical information consolidated from all your courses.  For use with your mobile device, Blackboard offers the Blackboard Instructor App available for download here.   For information on all the new features visit myClass Help.

Important for Fall 22:

  • The course environment did not change; it will look and operate exactly as you expect
  • If you do not see your past courses, visit the Find Your Courses guide to help
  • Fall 22 Blackboard course shells will be available to students on Sept. 7, 2022, at 12 am. The course shells are set according to the scheduled UFV Timetable. If you need your course created earlier than the start date, please complete the Course Extension Form.

2019 Course Archiving
We will be completing our annual archiving of 2019 courses at the end of the Fall 22 term. If you would like to keep a copy of your course as a template, complete a backup by selecting Course management > Packages and Utilities > Export Archive Course.  When complete, you will find a list of course packages you can save to your device.

Kaltura Notice:
Along with the Blackboard update, on June 29th Kaltura (myMedia) service was migrated to the cloud.  Kaltura is provided through a shared service in partnership with BCNET.   BCNET identified performance issues, long processing times, and outages due to the large volume of videos as institutions adjusted to online learning.  In response, Kaltura migrated to the cloud on June 29th.

Important for Fall 22:

  • When you access myMedia in the Tools menu, your past videos will populate
  • If you view “ACCESS DENIED” for your course embedded videos, your video links are still in the process of being relinked.  For immediate resolution, Faculty are encouraged to re-embed the videos in the course if needed
  • Update your desktop icon to the new version of Kaltura Capture to ensure your videos are directed to the cloud
    In myMedia select Tools > Add New > Kaltura Capture.

Still need more info?
If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at itservicedesk.ufv.ca, email itservicedesk@ufv.ca or call us on local 4610 or 604-864-4610.

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