Kaltura & Mediaspace Outage – Beginning June 29 2022

Beginning June 29th, along with Blackboard Learn update, Kaltura service will migrate to the cloud.  Kaltura is provided through a shared service in partnership with BCNET.  During COVID, BCNET identified performance issues, long processing times, and outages due to the large volume of videos as institutions adjusted to online learning.  In response, UFV will migrate Kaltura to the cloud beginning June 29th. BCNET Kaltura Shared service will be decommissioned at the end of Sept.

What are the Benefits? 

  • Improved performance and processing time
  • Automatic updates and fixes
  • Machine Close captioning

What is the Impact?
UFV will be moving approximately 57,000 video assets to the cloud.  Beginning June 29th, Mediaspace will be offline for 48-36 hours as the content is moved to the cloud.  This move will result in a new URL for videos that you may have linked outside of Blackboard (webpage).  All Kaltura videos in Blackboard Learn will be automatically relinked by our vendor Kaltura, this process may take 48-36 hours.

How can I Prepare?
Please plan your summer classes accordingly.  Faculty and students will not have access to Mediaspace, https://video.ufv.ca between June 29th to July 2nd. On Monday,  July 4th. Identify any issues with your Kaltura content, please create a service desk ticket for our support team to review.

Kaltura Migration Questions & Answers:

Kaltura Feature Kaltura Cloud Note
Will picture in picture streams remain accessible in a player? i.e. multiple streams Yes
Are media entry chapters and their associated metadata migrated and remain a part of the media entry? Yes
Will each entry have a new entry ID in the new environment? Can the refID be used to search for old entry IDs in the new environment by end users? YES; old EntryID will be new RefID
Will uploaded attachments associated with media entries be accessible? Yes
What media entry data will not be migrated? Analytics; quiz results
Will Media comments be migrated? No
Will video quiz videos and questions migrate? Yes
Will IVQ settings migrate e.g. do not allow skip forward? Yes
Will media entries that allow downloads and others to make clips continue to have these settings enabled? No
Will migrated content retain the assigned copyright permissions set using a custom schema? Yes
Will hotspots remain in place and continue to function on migrated media? Yes
Will existing caption files migrate and display on migrated content? Yes, if desired
Will media embed codes be updated with new entry IDs,player IDs and any other relevant config to make them work as previously? Not automatically. Will need manual updating
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