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Voicemail to Email Service – Now Available!

October 06 2020

What do I need to know?

IT Services is continuously working to improve voicemail services for UFV employees, especially now in our current remote work environment.   UFV employees will now have the option to listen to voicemails received to their on-campus desk phone via email.

Who is impacted?

We are now making this feature available to all UFV staff who currently have voicemail setup on their on-campus desk phone.


This new feature records the voicemail as an audio file (wav format) and automatically sends the email to the employee UFV email address.  Employees can listen to their voicemails on their computer or smartphone.  Over the next few days, voicemail to email will be enabled for your extension. By listening to the wav file on your device, the voicemail will not be deleted from the phone system and the message light on your phone will still indicate a new voicemail.  Please follow the instructions provided to you when your voicemail was initially setup to delete a voicemail. Please be aware that new and urgent messages are kept for 28 days and played messages are kept for 14 days before being deleted from the system.

Still need more info?

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at, email or call us on local 4610 or 604-864-4610.

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