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UFV Students – Connect to a UFV Computer Lab from Home!

UFV’s new Computer Lab Remote Access Tool is a central access interface that displays live lab computer availability and allows students and instructors to connect to campus resources remotely.

The UFV Remote Access Tool is a dashboard that students can use to access campus lab resources, including specialized software, from the comfort and safety of their homes. The dashboard displays a list of available computers and provides an easy and secure way to remotely log into a computer without any special knowledge needed. This tool can be used by students who rely on campus computer lab software to complete their work. Computers appear in groups based on computer lab locations and a list of available lab software and corresponding lab locations is provided on the ITS website.

This tool is not to be used to conduct synchronous classroom sessions on lab computers, it is designed to provide periodic, intermittent access to lab computers and associated software

Real-time Availability

A computer is considered available if it’s powered on, connected to the internet, and not in use by another student. The dashboard randomizes the computers that it shows to students to spread the load out and prevent two students from trying to use the same computer at the same time. Unavailable computers are not displayed.

Students do not need any special technical knowledge to use this tool. They can simply access the tool from the ITS Website, then follow the instructions to connect and access their desired computer.


As this tool is provided by a 3rd party, IT Services is only able to provide support on a limited and best-effort basis. Our internal testing has shown that the best experience is provided by using a Windows based laptop\desktop PC or Mac running current operating systems. Use of the remote access tool on other devices, such as tablets, iPads, or other mobile devices is not recommended.


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