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NOTIFICATION: Watch for malicious email

Several universities and institutions of higher education in BC have being targeted by malware/ransomware attacks recently. These attacks are directed at Windows devices and gain access to networks through malicious email.

What do I need to do?

Be extra vigilant when opening email.  Watch for suspicious or unexpected email with subject lines that may be similar to:

  • UPS Ship Notification, Tracking Number
  • UPS Express Domestic
  • Tracking Number

If you receive a suspicious email, do not respond to it and do not click on any links or downloads in the message.

Email subject lines can be changed frequently to escape detection. If you’re suspicious of an email, do not open and please forward it to where ITS will determine if it is malicious.

Still need more info?

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk or call us at 604-864-4610.

Please be aware that in response to the rapidly rising number of cyber-security threats in our sector and globally, UFV is strengthening our cyber-security protocols and measures. Please watch for announcements and subsequent launches of further cyber-security systems in the weeks ahead.  Visit for more information.


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